Five Things on the Full Hunters Blue Moon this Saturday

Opportunity abundance is ahead for all. Lucky breaks are in store for us as new ideas and mental clarity come about during the full hunters blue moon that ironically fall on Saturday, the night of Halloween!

Fruitful energy is ahead for your transformation. It’s time for the graceful ending to end up going after your dreams.

Cob webs will be whisked away as your goals come at you at high speed as this moon falls this Halloween.

Pairing up with your soul team can help you achieve your lofty goals and the cosmic knights are here to guide you to success. There could be a double wheel of fortune, and new opportunities will pop up. You’ll need to work with figures of authority to make sure to look at the fine details and double check your work.

Quick change will occur and you mean business. Ace of swords will yield new ideas and opportunities.

Ten of wands shows that there will be a new burden to carry, which will lead to extra responsibility, hard work, and eventual completion.

The ten of swords means there has already been a painful death, however the sun is rising peacefully in the background. This means new opportunities will rise now that the hard patience work has paid off. Painful endings, deep wounds, betrayal, loss, and crisis are complete and behind us.

Three of wands yields a burst of energy, passion, inspired action, adventure, and creative impulsiveness to help achieve your goals.

Protagonist energy propels you forward. You have been patient, but a turning point is on your side. Trust in the process, trust in the mystery.

Transcending to success, you are ready to go to battle. Intuition is at an all time high and it is time to strategize ways to partner business wise with others to get to the next level. Use the wisdom owl to meet this opportunity and seize it.

Everything is coming back in balance and the hand of fate is coming to help you out of the waiting and statinlonary period.

Things that were not serving you have fallen away and now is the time to seize abundance.

Miracles are happening on the physical plane and the stars are aligning for your physical success.

You will be starting to see physical success as you continue rising up and speaking your truth.

You have come a long way, now it’s time to take the spotlight.

Creative talents help you rise. You may have felt out of control before, but the wheel of fortune will be coming in and yielding massive abundance.

Destiny meets synchronicity and a solid plan will lead you massive financial opportunity.

Lucky breaks will help and pays of in your favor.

Follow your heart and there will be success and abundance along with transformation.

Change ahead with new beginnings which means graceful endings are ahead and made positively easy.

Tower moments are at hand and that means that there is going to be a happy surprise.

Fate will bring you a successful boost of energy.

Be in temperance and moderation energy as you ascend to the higher level or higher plane into a big opportunity.

You’ll need strong confidence, speaking your hoensty and truth. This will mean that there will be a meeting of the minds with high end authority figures, and a lot of conversation to make it happen.

This is about your imagination and making the strategic plan to get you to the next level.

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Monday Motivation – 10 Compassionate and Inspiring Corporate Leaders to Follow Today

Leadership is a huge responsibility, and it is harder than most think it is.

Respect, knowledge, honor, and impact all are pillars in corporate leadership.

There are many corporate executives out there that go against the honor code of moral and ethical responsibility.

Then there are those that are doing the right thing both publically and behind closed doors, who continue to motivate and inspire not just their employees, but their followers worldwide.

Here are 10 corporate leaders that honor commitment, passion, and honor in their quest to better their own companies, but more importantly, have that drive to change the world for the better.

1. Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin

It’s Sir Richard Branson to those that know he was knighted by the queen for his work. Richard Branson is known to be the hot shot entrepreneur and owner of Virgin, who is always on the edge of ingenuity and advancement that is committed to changing the world for the better. He is not afraid to suffer the social consequences of his outlandish and larger than life investments and ideas that break barriers for the betterment of humanity.

With his home on Necker Island, the island he bought that borders Tortola and Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands, he continues to live the lifestyle we’ve all dreamed about.

He is popular on Twitter and LinkedIn, and very vocal about climate change, compassion, environmental laws, and looks to be a great father and family man as well.

He has a net worth of $4.1B according to Wikipedia, and continues to promote unity, equality, and compassion with innovation rearing in through all aspects of his life.

2. Dharmesh Shah, Founder at Hubspot

Dharmesh got his start at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This university is regarded as the best United States engineering school, and is number two to only the Indian Institute of Technology which is regarded as number one.

Previous founder on and the Pyramid Digital Company, he saw early on that there was a need for sales generation, something he was not great at.

Although fantastic at coding and management, he found his weak point. Sales! He decided to create a Customer Relationship Management platform that sought out to listen to their clients and customers, making it cost effective to manage the platform while it created new sales opportunities for the company that used it too. The system allows multiple team members to email prospects and manage sales leads, while giving full transparency on where each communication is at in the conversion funnel. When connected to each team members email, it pulls all communication into the platform to effectively see everyone’s performance.

In 7 years the company went from a bedroom in MIT, to a publically traded company on the Nasdaq. Kudos Dharmesh!

3. Sara Blakely, Founder at Spanx

Sara was always on a quest to find useful, effective ways to help women look and feel their best. Being into fashion and fabric, she used to see dresses and other womens garments to help women look their best. She found a common problem however. This was the belly fat on the lower part of a womens stomach that is always seemed to make them look untoned and overweight.

Sara pitched her product to hundreds of fashion companies that denied her for many many years. She knew had made a garment that would solve womens issues with tight dresses, but needed the people who got it behind it.

All-in-all she fought and fought for many years against the harsh fashion industry, however her persistence was finally rewarded with some luck of the Irish.

She now has a big company that manufactures and distributes these comfortable and flattering womens undergarments worldwide and is an inspiration to women entrepreneurs everywhere.

4. Keith Grossman, CEO at TIME

We all could use more TIME, amiright?

TIME was the it magazine publisher in the 70s, 80s, and 90s before the digital online boom. It printed millions of copies worldwide and had its glory years for many decades.

The digital online revolution came on quickly at the end of the 90s and many say TIME was left far behind as they did not keep up.

2020 has been a tremendous year under Keith’s leadership. The team went from pushing paper to meaningful content that resonates with the new times. No pun intended! They have created TIME for kids, addressed the COVID virus with strength and hope. They have also given many resources to parents with children that are now homeschooling them in the new normal. Way to go, Keith! Your leadership inspires us all, teaching the lesson that relevant content that resonates rules.

5. Jeff Weiner, Board of LinkedIn

A Syosset, Long Island native, Jeff Weiner got very popular pretty quickly with the creation of LinkedIn. For many years he and the team hustled to create a community for working professionals all over the world. This meant connecting colleagues, clients, and friends to be able to freely connect and collaborate on big meaningful projects that worked on a global scale.

Jeff led the team to victory when the company got purchased by none other then the global powerhouse Microsoft.

He teaches about compassionate leadership on the LinkedIn platform now, and gives leadership advice to others looking to make a difference in other people’s working lives, which is purpose. Kudos Jeff!

6. Daniel Disney, Founder of The Daily Sales

7. Doctor Ramani, Psychologist

Doctor Ramani showcases her knowledge on all things psychology and mental health through her books, videos, and articles on doing our best and thinking healthier. She is particularly popular on YouTube where she decimates the profile of good and bad relationships through psychological awareness. Check out her YouTube channel if you struggle in your relationships at work and at home. today.

8. Tony Robbins, Self Help Guru

Tony came from a rough childhood, where his father left him and his mother struggled as a full time mom and struggling to get food on the table for he and his siblings.  He didn’t have many male mentors in his life growing up, and decided to become his own and help empower others struggling in life. He holds huge group seminars for those looking to change their lives for the better and has a global presence known to help those get past their fears and live their best lives. Solid work, Tony!

9. Deepak Chopra, MD, Mind Mastery and Meditation

Deepak is the king of chakras and meditative healing. He understands the mind, body and soul are all connected and that we are alls souls separated only by space and time. He has written many self help books about the topic of conscientiousness and going within. He is well known throughout the world as a healer.

10. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Jeff came from a mother who got pregnant at an early age with her high school sweetheart. Unfortunately the relationship did not work out, forcing his mother to work at an early age with out help. She soon met a Cuban entrepreneur and immigrant that worked to help support Jeff and his mother. They struggled like any family but his stepfather’s entrepreneurial spirit lit a fire in Jeff that lasted for years to come. As many know, Amazon has come correct this year during COVID with tremendous client support and home delivery and distribution for all.

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8 Curable Skin Conditions via Healthy Homeopathic, and Natural Emuaid Max Cream

Skin conditions are never pleasant and can be super tricky to fully cure without testing many lotions and creams to find the one that suits you.

I developed a rash behind my knee that seems to never go away, and I think it could be a fungal infection from heavy sweating during cycling sessions.

I tried everything from steroid cream to prescription pills to cortisone, and nothing worked.

After a massive amount of digging I discovered the miracle cream, Emuaid Maximum Strength.

I was concerned about the higher price point but knew I needed to heal and this cream was my last resort.

I cleaned the area of my skins and applied a thin layer per their suggestion.

This modern homeopathic cream has concentrated ingredients to help the body activate its self healing powers, and safely fights symptoms of most resistant fungal and bacterial skin infections.

In addition to the cream, I am also taking apple cider vinegar pills daily to help my bodies PH balance. I am also drinking lemon water and eating ginger, living a paleo diet lifestyle to help me maintain a healthy Body Mass Index or BMI.

I discovered that this Emuaid Cream helps cure over 17 major skin conditions below.


My father also had hemorrhoid cream in his bathroom growing up, and maybe this was the cream he used! Emuaid cream can be used for anal fissures and anal itching too.


Diabetes is rough, especially if it involves rashes on your skin. Bed sores, pressure sores, MRSA, and pyoderma gangrenous infections can also benefit from Emuaid cream.


For many women, it is important to air out your vagina and wear underwear as infrequently as possible to let it breathe. Tight pants or anything other than cotton can be air constricting, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis. Applying this cream around the vagina area can help, consult a doctor to find out more.


Sometimes I forget to switch out my razor blade and pay for it later with a rash or ingrown hairs. Sometimes I will use tweezers to tweeze out the ingrown hairs, or use a warm compress to pull it out. Sometimes I need more, and Emuaid cream supports this!


There are all kinds of warts including facial warts, flat warts, and plantar warts. All of these types of warts are a menace to your body, and need to be removed either through wart cream or by laser treatment. Emuaid cream also supports the healing of warts too.


My sister had ezcema growing up and I never knew how painful it was until now. It can can itchy, scratchy, and can bleed or weep, and it is hard to cure and very uncomfortable to move with it. Emuaid cream helps fight off the urge to itch, and also has no chemicals, artificial ingredients, lanolin, parabens, fragrance, alcohol, steroids, or animal testing involved. It has the ability to reduce pain, infection, and inflammation when applied 3x times a day.


I hate forgetting to put on sunscreen before or right when I get to the beach. Usually I put on SPF 50 but sometimes I completely forget, especially when I have my kids along with me. If I forget I usually come out with a skin rash or hives that are tough to control. I use Emuaid cream to help control the urge to itch it, and if you don’t have aloe handy this Emuaid cream is especially useful to help the burn.


All of these types of rashes are super hard to control and there is a constant burn if left untreated. Emuaid cream helps to control the urge to itch and eventually scar your skin.

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