Starting off this article talking about my teenage years, wow what a doozy.

The good old days.

Those were the days.

These are the days to remember, cause they will not last forever.

These are the days of our lives.

If these are all ringing a bell, read on.

My temporary lapses of judgement made me do really DUMB things as a teenager.

These are things I would definitely not consider doing today…or would I?

1. I snuck out of the house in the middle of the night. I had a sleepover and took my friends to another friends house to hang out.

2. I smoked cigarettes on my roof and almost fell off.

3. I stayed out late and instead of making curfew, my friend and I called our parents and said we were sleeping at each others houses when we didn’t. Then we got caught by our mothers.

4. I pretended I knew how to boogie board at Jones Beach and also drowned in a rip tide.

5. I paid a taxi cab driver in pennies and convinced him it was good luck, so he accepted.

6. I stepped on a piece of glass walking barefoot on the road.

7. I swung off a cliff on a rope swing, and rolled down into the dirt.

8. I shaved my arms, now I can never take that back.

9. I shaved my eyebrows to prevent a unibrow, and accidentally shaved off too much on one side.

10. I took my uncle’s car out for a drive without a license.

11. I hung out at a graveyard at night.

12. I skipped school, took a train to the city, and never got caught (I intercepted the automated absence call from school right in time before my mom caught it and pretended it was Grandma).

13. I stole my sisters clothes.

14. I stole $20 from my dad from his wallet when he was sleeping.

15. I called the $4.99 Santa Claus hotline every damn day for a month until my day got the bill.

What dumb things did you do as a teenager?

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