Al-Anon Family Groups started in 1951 to support families of alcoholics. Group meetings work towards independence for everyone involved. The basis for these groups was to best manage the after effects of the disease. Even when the alcoholic gets sober, relatives and family members sometimes get worse. Meetings were formed to support those still having resentment and worry. They help family members affected achieve hope and serenity.

A member myself, I work towards trying to improve myself while taking away the focus of the alcoholic. I redirect that attention to my self and self care.

There are basic acronyms and slogans you can use for recovery. There are 12 steps to work the program, and getting a sponsor is recommend to help you work them. The program is free and you can join virtually or in person.


  • Don’t Justify Argue Defend Explain or JADE
  • Quit Taking It Personally QTIP
  • I’m NUTS when I’m Not Using The Steps, Too NUTS
  • Is It Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary, or Kind THINK
  • False Evidence Appearing Real FEAR
  • Don’t Even Think About Changing Him or Her DETACH
  • Happy Our Program Exists HOPE
  • Let Others Voluntarily Evolve LOVE
  • Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired HALT
  • Honest Open Willing HOW
  • Edging God Out EGO
  • Getting It From The Steps GIFTS
  • Experience Strength + Hope ESH
  • God U + I Dance GUIDANCE
  • Mind Your Own Business MYOB
  • Pray Until Something Happens PUSH
  • Serenity Loses It’s Priority SLIP
  • Try Relying Upon Step Three TRUST
  • Why Am I Talking WAIT
  • You Are Not Alone YANA
  • Together Empowering Al-Anon Members TEAM
  • Opportunity, Desire, Ability, Time ODAT


  • Easy Does It
  • How Important Is It
  • Let Go, Let God
  • One Day at a Time
  • Detachment, Not Amputation
  • If In Doubt Don’t
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • This Too Shall Pass
  • Stay in the Day
  • Keep the focus on yourself
  • Expectations are only future resentments
  • First things first
  • Get back to reality
  • Denial is not my destiny
  • Listen and learn
  • Obedience to the Unenforceable
  • Take Your Own Inventory (Not Someone Elses)
  • Anger is one letter off from danger
  • Let it begin with me
  • By the grace of god
  • The healing is in the hearing
  • Look back without staring
  • Find Recreation + Hobbies
  • Time to Play
  • Feelings Aren’t Facts
  • Stay in the day up
  • I am not my qualifiers higher power
  • Thoughts are not things

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