‘God loves this food,’ said my son as he shoveled soft basmati rice and butter chicken into his mouth.

‘I think you’re absolutely right,’ I said as I dipped my naan in some chinese indian fried spicy chicken, they call it Chilli Chicken.

As a self-proclaimed foodie and overall know-it-all, Abiruchi Grill Indian Restaurant humbly put me in my place with outstanding food and masala tea. I drink masala tea daily at home, but it seems I was doing it all wrong.

The masala tea had a rice milky taste with hints of clove and natural spices that I loved and cherished. The ambience was clean and serene as we had some beautiful hanging white lights at our table with a nice hanging green plant blooming nearby.

The tables were all beautifully set with care and grace, and our waiter was given more than 20% tip due to outstanding service. I was also a waitress through college, so I thoroughly appreciate those that give great service!

Here is a small shot of the right side of the table service, and as you can clearly see it feels just like home.

First we ordered plain naan, although they do have garlic and cilantro naan available too if you need that garlic. Second, we ordered the butter chicken and the chinese indian chicken aka Chilli Chicken as an appetizer. These were both super spicy and cleared up my sinuses without allergy during allergy season (#winning). Hey, I’d rather eat that then take the allergy pills as they make me wacky Jackie.

I would highly recommend dining in with some delicious food from Abhinachi Grill Indian Restaurant. There is free parking behind it, which is really rare in LA. It may be the only free parking lot left in LA.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and happy lunching! 🤪

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