Is anyone else feeling the global congestion today? I certainly am. Many people that have been in contact with me are emitting a sense of relief and a sense of uncertainty. I am grateful for the uncertainty and try to keep my eyes on the prize.

I have been working on reprogramming my body with a movement coach, and have been activating different body parts that have been greatly inactive for many years.

As many of you know, I played competitive sports when I was younger. Gymnastics, lacrosse, track, and more, I really pushed my body as far as it could go and then when high school ended my movement just unhealthily ended too. Therefore as I transitioned into adulting, I transitioned into sedentary movement. My body has basically been in sleep mode for almost 20 years.

I wasn’t a total bum. I took Soul Cycle classes. I did pilates in NY and LA. I took group yoga classes. The reality was I never stayed consistent and most efforts bored me quickly.

It was tough transitioning from individual sports to group sports, but it was more difficult transitioning from high school to college as there was no required physical activity at hand.

Don’t get me wrong, there were gyms, classes, and sports teams, but nothing was exciting to me.

My goal is to age gracefully and the only way to do that is to keep moving both mentally.but more important physically.

When I move around, whether it be walking, dancing, or stretching, I honor my physical body to keep it a well oiled machine.

I can get lazy and stubborn sometimes, and after a long day at work I am ready to eat, sleep, and repeat, when I really need to eat, play, and sleep.

When I move my body, it releases the energy I have held onto in the day. It frees my spirit and gives me peace as I lay me down to sleep.

I find that I have prioritized everyone else but me, and that’s just not acceptable anymore.

So here’s my new moon change.

And here are my new moon haiku’s post moving.


Bones cracking shoulders

Dropping hips flexing moving

Still silence


Go drop toes flex build

I release the tight legs stretch

Taffy torso


Spine stretch down water Bob’s

Flowing in my brain

Of nothing here


Posture correct neck

Back into my body there I

Go lightly

Thanks for reading, good night and good luck!

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