I am a hard worker, but am I a smart worker? The two are not mutually exclusive.

Being an entrepreneur and working hard are also not mutually exclusive. If you have knocked it out of the park in your industry previously, then you may be at expert level to help you start your own business.

The anticipated roadblocks are surmountable and can be overwhelming.

Big questions come into play when becoming an entrepreneur like, how will I finance my project? Will others be interested in my products or services? Are my services something that people actually need? Who will I need to help me achieve success?

The reality is that each and every one of us have the free will to manifest our own career paths, even if it doesn’t seem like it at this particular moment in time.


Pull away from the fantastical ideas that take you away from where your feet are, as LL Cool J says, ‘back to reality.’ If you are a great baker for example, manifesting an Oscar may be too far out of reach.

Taking the steps to catch your right career path will help you achieve your purpose or mission here. Simple ways to do it include saying something like, ‘This is my purpose, but what is my universal purpose?’

Stop listening to others that don’t have your higher purpose in mind as other people are not your higher power.


I want the career that is in the highest alignment and vibration for me (and most authentic to my life purpose), so that I may attract all the abundance in this world.

Closing and chapter or starting something new, can be challenging but also what you are intended to do. If you are limited at your current job, you are most definitely limitless elsewhere.

What career is in your highest alignment?

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