Yummies in our tummies with this beautifully delicious paleo mashed potatoes recipe! I have been experimenting with potatoes often while in the paleo diet as the white potatoes fill me up as much as a piece of white bread used to and still keeps me compliant. The best part of potatoes is that they come straight from the dirt, where the healthy watered soil waters and grows it up to be a big stud SPUD. Okay that was a mom joke. As they say POTATO, POTATO.

My favorite growing up was homemade french fries! My Italian and Scottish mother would cut up potatoes fairly thin, and fry them in canola oil. She would throw some salt on the homemade french fries, and we’d dip them in our favorite HEINZ Ketchup. What a treat!

My second favorite was mashed potatoes. My mother would use whole milk or heavy cream if she had it handy. She’d add a whole stick of butter in a big batch of mashed potatoes, and then the cherry on top was the slice or two of butter pats she’d put right on top. The pinch of salt and black pepper would also give it that little pep in my step that I loved right before going to our nightly bathtime.

We had a great time, and nothing shows love the most like a great batch of paleo mashed potatoes. I like my paleo smashed potatoes with finely chopped chives or white onions, whatever I have in stock! Instead of the old school homemade milk, I use the coconut or almond milk that I have in stock now. I also ALWAYS put a healthy amount of clarified butter in my white mashed potatoes. You could even use yams or sweet potatoes instead, if you are feeling fancy.


6-8 washed white potatoes (peeled or unpeeled, up to your preference)

2 cups of almond or coconut milk

1/2 cup of finely chopped chives or white onions

1 stick of clarified butter

Salt and pepper to taste, add garlic powder if you are feeling it


Peel the potatoes

Coursely chop potatoes

Boil the potatoes until you can stick a fork into one of the potatoes and it separates

Drain potatoes

Turn off heat on stove and leave a little water in the pot

Throw in the butter and mix with the potatoes

Once the butter is completely dissolved in the potatoes, add the milk

Mix the pot of mashed potatoes thoroughly

Top with onions, either chives or white onions of your choice


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