I Cheated on the Whole30

Ug.  It’s been tough starting the second round of the Whole30 diet.  This time around I had a few dinner parties to attend and blew it as I drank wine, plus my dinners out and about in town definitely had sugar somehow as the meat I ate was not uncured and organic.  On that note I am prepping for a restart tomorrow.  Buggers.

What was on my grocery list to restart?  Glad you asked!


  • Russet potatoes, for what you may ask?
    • I can always stab with a knife and put in the microwave for 10 minutes at work, bringing along Tessemae’s Ranch Dressing to top it with, along with some Himalayan pink salt.
    • I use these for mashed potatoes during the week.
    • I use these as roasted potatoes, french fries and/or potato chips during the week.
    • I use these as a breakfast potato hash.


  • Kale
    • I roast this in the oven for Kale Chips.
    • I use as a salad for lunch.
    • I use in a dinner side on the pan with olive oil.


  • Cherry Tomatoes
    • I use in the salads for lunch.
    • I use as a snack during the day raw.
    • I use as a side cut up for salsa, and dip with homemade plantain chips.


  • Plantains
    • I slice these up and either bake in the oven and use as chips or put them on the stovetop and eat them as a dessert.


  • Eggs
    • I eat 3 eggs every morning sunny side up.
    • I boil eggs as a salad topper if I am in the mood for it.


  • Grapes
    • Anytime snack.


  • Apples
    • Anytime snack.


  • Chicken Breast
    • Top it with garlic powder, black pepper, Himalayan Pink Salt, paprika, red chili flakes.


I can’t believe I blew it, but time to start again in the AM.  It is harder for me to start this because I already lost over 10 pounds so feeling better, but still not to my goal.  I have to imagine how I will look and feel after the weight loss, which is one:

  1. More confident.
  2. Pretty.
  3. Crazy.
  4. Sexy.
  5. Cool.

Did you get that TLC reference?  If not here you go:

Have a great night!


Tips to Improve your Work Day

Growing up in a big family,  there was always some drama going on in our home.  When someone was cranky in our house, we would say HALT.  This stands for being Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.  This is a funny buzzword to remind you to ask yourself what is wrong when you weren’t feeling up to par.


Since most up up work over 35 hours a week, either from home, or in an office environment, we tend to be HALT motivated on a daily basis.  For me, a great start to the day is always key in having me perform my best.  When I am Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, it seems to put a damper on my day.

Instead of wallowing, I like to look at positive motivational videos on YouTube or positive motivational memes on my Instagram account, @leverageambition.

Some tips on how to improve your work week below:

1.)  Get a good night sleep.


This is key.  I find that when I leave my phone in my bag for the night, that is in my closet downstairs, is when I get the best rest.  I usually put it in my bag as I bring the kids upstairs to sleep, so we are all able to disconnect and be undistracted before bedtime.  I typically like to read books to the boys, and when we are done, we are typically ready to all pass out.  I go to bed anywhere from 9-11pm and get up anywhere from 7-9am.  A great night sleep and feeling refreshed in the AM helps me get through anything!

2.) Eat well, drink healthy and stay hydrated.


This is one that I always forget myself.  Luckily my husband does not drink alcohol, which helps me not drink alcohol too.  I find that if I drink the night before, the next day at work is awful, and I feel all the HALT adjectives.  So it is key to not drink alcohol during the week so that you are not off your game in the morning.  Not only that, but what you eat and drink directly has an effect on your mood and actions.  I try to stay hydrated with water and fruit during the day, but also drink coffee and tea too if I need a fix.  This helps me maintain my productivity and positivity.  Also when eating, I try to go high protein as high carbs makes me want to sleep at my desk.

3.) Develop friendships at work, i.e. don’t be a jerk.


This has always been hard for me as I have always been very competitive at work.  I also like to keep my private life private, but it seems that this has been the wrong approach.  I started a new job a few years ago and was very uptight the first few months as I was anxious to perform and do a great job, so I felt I did not have time for others.  This was a mistake and I regret it now as someone was promoted above me on my team that was PC and friendly with everyone.  My bad.  Reality is that your co-workers should actually be an extension of your client list, and you should always be on your best behavior, positive, non-gossipy and confident in a non-jerky way.  A good way to do this is ask them out to lunch, ask them how their personal life is going, give praise to the good things they are doing, give help as you can.

4.) Set Goals, and be accountable for your wins and losses.


This is key in success.  If you can set daily, weekly monthly, yearly goals, this is ideal.  It helps keep you on track, and makes you accountable for your work in a long term and short term basis.

Do you have any tips?  Feel free to share below, it’s always nice to hear from you!  Enjoy the rest of your day!




Whole30 Lunch – Homemade Baked Potato Chips with Boiled Eggs and Tessamae Ranch Dressing

2018!  I am on Round 2, Day 2 of my Whole30 diet.  First round last year I lost 13 pounds, and looking to lose 10 more this time around.  I have to admit I gained 3 pounds or so since my last round.  I haven’t had raw sugar however I did have non-compliant meat and dairy products sparingly.  I think this had to do with the weight gain.  Also it is that time of the month as a woman, so typically I gain at least 5 pounds of water weight.  Crazy I know, but I am hoping this was the reason for the weight gain too.

Day 2 of the Whole30 and the menu I have had thus far consists of Kale Chips that I baked in the oven at 425 degrees fahrenheit, and actually only drizzled some olive oil on top with Himalayan salt and pepper.  I didn’t have a full breakfast this time around so by lunch I was ready to feast!

For lunch, I am doing hard boiled eggs and potato chips.  To make the potato chips, I sliced white potatoes thin, all the same size.  I drizzled them with olive oil, garlic powder, paprika and black pepper, saving the Himalayan salt for last.

Once I put them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes I worked on the hard boiled eggs.  I put them in cold water on the oven, and made 4 but only was able to eat three.  I kept them on the stove for 10 minutes boiling and then turned the heat on low to have it simmer there for another 5 minutes.  The inside of the yolk was still not all the way cooked, but I like it like that.

I added my favorite dressing that is Whole30 compliant, which is called Tessamae’s Ranch Dressing.  It is Whole30 approved on there website here: www.whole30.com, and they have others too like Caesar, Hot Sauce, Ketchup and more.  I found this in the vegetable section of my grocery store Ralph’s, but you could find it in the salad dressing aisle too.

I have to say it was so delicious, and even my picky eater of a toddler loved it too!  Obviously they are not officially on the diet, but here and there they get adventurous and try new foods which is amazing.

Enjoy your lunch, and hope you try it! 🙂

How to Deal with the Jerk at Work

Dang it.  Another job, another set of assholes to deal with.  You change jobs and you think you are waving the assholes goodbye, only to find that the same asshole seems to be following you from job to job.  How is this possible?  Thing is, you need to be able to spot and manage the asshole with a great sense of self control & strength.

We have to deal with all sorts of jerks throughout our careers, coming from the deep dark corners of never never land, somehow they have found you, and will keep following you until you retire.  Key is managing your emotions in a healthy way to overcome an unhealthy jackass.

I have learned a few things over the course of my time in different jobs that I thought I would share in support of dealing with Mr. and Mrs. @$$ Bags below…enjoy!


1.)  Don’t stoop to their level.

You are not them.  You are amazing.  Calm down. Don’t let their misery spread to you and effect your great work.

2.) Do not talk about them to other coworkers.

Do not say their name in the office. Do not give them a taste of their own medicine.  Don’t take revenge.   The universe will somehow shell it out.

3.) Avoid, and limit interaction as time allows.

Avoid interaction as much as possible, and cc as many people on emails as possible so that if they are not being accountable for their work, others are aware.  If others do not initially defend you, this will at least give you a digital trail of their behaviors and bad work.

4.) Focus.

What is your goal at work today?  How is the asshole involved?  How can you hit your objectives without adding them into your day?

5.) Treat the person with respect.

Ug this is the worst ad most painful awful thing, being polite after someone is a dick.  But guess what, when you treat the bully with respect, you will make your parents proud.  The bully is looking for another bully.  Don’t let them make you them!

6.) Check your attitude.

Try to understand where this person is coming from.  Are they threatened by you?  Are they unhappy with their own manager or pay?  Is everything OK in their home, private life?  You need to seem the bully or jerk as a person, even if they seem like a demon.

7.) Persevere.

There is something about the word perseverance.  It is a beautiful, elegant word, and behavior. Stand tall, stand your ground and if all else fails, report it to her direct manager or HR.

Good luck you beautiful creature!




8 Top Sales Email Subject Lines for a Home Run in 2018

My last post was a hit, so I wanted to share the wealth on some of my greatest email subject lines to help pop off your revenue in 2018!


SPAM rules the world, hopefully your potential client hasn’t blacklisted you already with your awful pitch. Lol.  Before you prospect your websites, you have to vet it thoroughly to make sure they would benefit from the product or service you offer.  Then you need to make sure the person you connect with is the right person to decide on running with your product or service.

There are many different theories on the different email subject lines that get your potential client to open it, but the main email really is where you have to create and display your relevance and how your product is going to make them soar!


I have tested many different subject lines, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, ‘how is this person/company going to win by working with me?’

Below are the top subject lines I have tested with the best open rates.  This won’t guarantee your success however if your client would really benefit from your product or service, they should at least open your email and NOT put you on their SPAM list with the following subject lines:

  • 10 mins — Friday?
  • New exciting opportunity
  • How’s my timing?
  • Free Idea’s
  • Checking in?
  • Invite
  • Exclusive Invitation
  • [your company] + [their company]

What are your favorite subject lines?  What have you seen work best?

The main factors in closing the sale are plentiful, I would say that if you are lucky enough to get a response or call, make sure you listen to the potential client, ask questions about them and their issues on your products or services and what they do or don’t like about their current situation.  I wouldn’t rehearse bullet points ever, but remember all the benefits and get ready for them to ask a lot of questions on your services including the cost model, time frame of service, key people involved in your product or service, next steps that need to be taken, benefits if their is an expected outcome, and more.


A few other tips, don’t bullshit your potential client.  Don’t lie, don’t make small talk, don’t let them know about you.  This email is all about them, and how you are helping them take their business to the next level.  Sorry, they don’t care about your awesome weekend, so don’t bring it up.

If you are looking for advice, or have questions on the process, feel free to put your troubles below and I can try to help.  My father was a salesperson and very good at it, so I was able to learn from him growing up, but also learned by doing and experimenting different tactics.

If you put your mind to it, and put your customer first, you can do it!

Have a great weekend!


Best Instagram Profiles to Kick-Start your Sales Job in 2018

Happy 2018 everyone!  Beast mode time for all those in sales positions this January!  So I thought it would be great to share some of the top Instagram profiles to follow to kick-start your day and help keep you motivated!

As a salesperson, doing the same thing day in and day out can become cumbersome, so it is always great to reevaluate your pitch, mindset and end goal before going into the office to get a clear mind before reaching out to new prospects.

Lately I have been cold emailing prospects to get them on a call to learn about my company’s services, and I have found that the shorter the email the more likely the prospect is willing to respond.  We are so inundated with ads online and via email daily, so getting straight to the point in a sentence or two is really a great way to get people’s attention fast, to respond fast.

Below are the top Instagram profiles I am following to keep me on my A++ game:








Overall the force is within you, you just need that extra motivation to get your next sale!  I love the quote ‘only the average are always at their best’ as everyone knows only how sales cycles work and can influence your lifestyle and well being.

I have been in sales now for over 20 years and I know the most successful sales people always have one thing in common, CONFIDENCE!  We all have bad days, but it is good to have that ‘fake it ’til you make it’ attitude where you can even do your best when things are not great.

I have been at many different companies selling different products and lately I have discovered that I get bored pretty easily with what I am selling.  When I think about what a sale is and how it effects the world it makes me feel better.  All sales are really solutions, bettering your current state.  If you do not believe in the product and know that it won’t really help someone or something, then it is a conflict and I suggest moving on.

Only when you are passionate about making a difference in your own lives or others is when you can truly make a sales and not feel guilt, and feel happy about what you are doing on a daily basis.

I would recommend meditating and taking some time to reflect on your goals this year and how you are going to achieve them daily.

We are in a fresh new year so it is time to make your goals clear to yourself and the world and hold yourself accountable to these goals.

Wishing you a fruitful week!







Top Netflix Mystery Series in 2017

It is no secret that post parenting, I enjoy binge watching mysteries on Netflix.  I have to say I am so impressed with the quality of international shows on it, that I am proud to share the top Netflix mysteries and detective stories I watched last year that I know you will love!

Some of them I ended up binge watching, which was not the best idea in hindsight, however they were so captivating it felt like I couldn’t stop!

Here we go:

1.) The Killing

This is a fantastic investigation on several murders that are connected, where homicide detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) investigate to find out the truth.  I literally watched the entire first season in a 12 hour span, back to back, as the cliffhangers were really intense!  Apparently this show was on AMC for some time but was cancelled most likely to poor viewership, however, Netflix did right on picking up this gem as it was golden!  This involves a murdered teenager, the police themselves become suspects, and dirty politics in the police force and the mayor all seem to connect.  It gets pretty bloody at times, so I would keep a big blanket handy nearby so you can jump under it during the scary parts. I will let you do the honors of watching it as it is really one of the best series I have seen in a long time.


2.) BroadChurch

This one is super scary, especially in the beginning, and focuses on a murder of a small boy that is set up to look like he jumped off a cliff.  No spoiler alert here, however there are red flags everywhere in this small water town and everyone seems like they have bloods on their hands.  The actor pair here were especially superb, and the mystery of it all was really engaging, would highly recommend it.  David Tennant & Olivia Colman where an excellent team, as an unconventional pair of detective partners that went above and beyond in bringing to light the truth.  A great weekend warrior series I highly recommend catching!


3.) Wanted

This one was a stellar empowering series, that basically gets two bystanders in for the ride of their life, while they witness first hand a dirty cops handiwork, while simultaneously getting kidnapped by their crew.  This becomes a tale of survival but also a tale of lies and deceit from the police department and how bystanders can become wanted criminals in action.  This was solid, gets a little cheesy here and there, but definitely worth the watch! The series connects two complete strangers, Lola and Chelsea, who see a fatal carjacking while at a bus stop.  The actors Rebecca Gibney (Lola) and Geraldine Hakewell (Chelsea) are suberb. Strangers become bestest of friends throughout the series, which is a cool path to follow as you watch.


4.) The Five

A boy named Jesse, who went missing over 20 years ago, finds his case at the forefront of a current investigation where his DNA is found at a crime scene and the detectives are stumped.  This goes into the personal faults of all the characters as everyone is a suspect, but no one can pinpoint the solution to the case, until one detective gets a good lead.  Would highly recommend this for your weekday watching as you can watch each episode and take a breather.  Sara Solemani (Pru) really does a great job as the lead heroine, so I would definitely give it a shot!


5.) Paranoid

A female General Practitioner or MD is murdered in broad daylight on a playground with her child and all hell breaks loose.  Detectives try to find out if this was a random act of a crazy man or a deliberated kill to hide medicinal secrets from the public.  A definite must watch this year if you missed it last!

download (1).jpeg

Time to get your favorite back of popcorn ready, along with a nice cold glass of Coke with ice, you are in for some good Netflixing! 🙂