6 Signs It’s Time To Say Sayonara to Your Job

How do you know when it’s time to quit your job? Everyone has a bad days, but when bad days become bad weeks then months, it’s time to find something new.

Bosses and employees always deserve second chances, but if there are repeat offenders it’s probably time to call it quits. Are you being treated with respect? It is very important to listen to your intuition and ask yourself questions like, is this place good for my soul?

Here are six signs that it’s probably time to quit your job and start looking for new opportunities:

1. It’s an oppressive environment.

The ability to be able to express yourself freely and voice your own point of view should be welcomed at your place of employment. Being silenced or being the target of someone’s bullying behavior should not be tolerated. Being able to ask questions should also be welcomed in a healthy work environment. Most companies HR teams protect the company by turning a blind eye to bully behavior in effort to protect the company and their position at that company. At the end of the day it’s the HR’s job to protect humans (HR stands for Human Resources) but it seems in most circumstances that they end up protecting the company instead of doing what is morally or conceptually right for the employees. If you are silenced indirectly or directly from a boss, it is time to start looking for a new opportunity. Most articles are saying to let the HR team know, but I would suggest that if there is a conflict you should start looking for that new opportunity or maybe start looking into creating your own business if you have the funds to do so. Monster.com, LinkedIn.com, and Indeed.com are all great resources for you to find new opportunities.

2. You vent too much about your job, the work environment is a negative one, and you dread going to work.

Are you constantly complaining about your boss and dreading to go into work? This is a sign that it is time to start looking for something new. If your work environment is not a positive place, it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

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3. You’re underpaid and overqualified.

Have you ever checked Salary.com? Their motto is know your worth, and if you sign up you will be able to see what similar people are making in your industry of choice, which will give you a better idea on whether or not you are being underpaid in comparison to others in your field. It is better to accept a position that you will find you will be successful at, and if a superior is blocking your opportunity, it’s time to go.

4. There is no room for advancement.

Never waste time at a company that does not value you, or your growth. Every interaction we have in life is a moment someone else would love to have, and if your employer does not respect your time and experience it’s their loss.

5. Recruiters are aggressively reaching out to you.

This is a good sign, as if you are reading this you are probably unhappy with your current position. Are recruiters stalking you more recently? Probably a good sign that their are other opportunities on the horizon worth exploring while you are handcuffed to your current position.

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6. You find yourself justifying your job.

Are you weighing in the pro’s and con’s of your job more frequently? Are statements like “my boss is a wiener, but at least we have soda”, “my pay is not fair, but at least I don’t have to stay until 10pm”, or “my boss makes sexual advances, but at least I can keep my job” statements running through your head and out of your mouth? It’s time to look for that company and/or boss that will treat you with respect.

The moral of the story here is that it is better to be true to yourself and listen to your intuition. If your gut tells you it’s not the right fit for you even during the interview, it’s probably not a good place for you to be. More times out of none these days there is no reason to be loyal to a company that is not loyal to you. Keep throwing your experience out there and a new better, healthy company will be there waiting for you.

Good luck on your search, and remember you deserve to be treated with respect and another great opportunity is right around the bend! You just need to get that great energy out there and search for it. Remember nothing great comes easy, and you need to fight for survival. Go get it!

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20 Email Subject Lines for Sales Success

How many emails do you delete daily? I would say nowadays I am deleting over 50 emails daily from a mixture of both personal and work related emails. Why is that? The email is not targeted to me and does not give me a specific reason or value to open it OR follow up. Being in sales myself an open rate of over 30% is great, but the open rate isn’t all that matters here. You want them to buy your services and become long term business clients.

Main advice for a stellar email is to first and foremost, BRING VALUE! Then keep it real, keep it precise, give a call to action, keep it personalized and keep it relevant.

Mass blanketed emails rarely work anymore, and typically attract the low end of the totem poll business wise. You want to make sure your emails are targeted and relevant to the receiver and his business, to make sure that he is the right person to connect with to approve your services.

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I’ve been testing different email subject lines throughout my sales career and have found the below subject lines to get the highest open rates and closes for business below:

  1. Liz, ready for growth?

When you call out their name, you get their attention faster. Dear Sirs or Hey There is degrading and means you are lazy or not doing your research to close the deal.

  1. Netflix Password?

    Never underestimate the power of a JOKE! Humor always works! It lightens your potential prospects up and gives it an airy feeling to het them interested in what you are serving up.

  2. Question about {THEIR PROBLEM YOU SOLVE}?

What problem are you looking to solve when you are emailing your potential client? Make sure this is stated in the body of the email to make sure your reach out provides enough value for them to want to respond and act to buy your services.

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  1. Matt recommend I get in touch

    When you are able to look at your potential clients name on LinkedIn, it is great when you already have someone in common that you can mention that may bring relevance to you and the business you offer by legitimizing your services and making you known with your industry somehow.

  2. Helping you

    If you are not able to help the person you are reaching out to there is no reason to be reaching out in the first place. Make sure you research and know your audience before getting in touch.

  3. I found you via LinkedIn

    Looks great on your end because it shows you are scoping out your propects ahead of time and doing your due diligence prior to reaching out. Kudos!

  4. {DAY OF THE WEEK or PRODUCT YOU SELL} Blues? Let me help

    Turns out not everyone is thrilled about their job! Haha! Most people are on the 9 to 5 grind and are probably not in a great mood. Calling them out and offering a helping hand goes a long way.


    I love lists that guide me to help me or my business. Pointing out flaws or problems within their business that you can help solve will help give them a reason to reach back out to you to use your services.

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  6. {NAME}, what would you do with a few extra grand?

    Money sells! If your business is able to provide them value or straight bring them new money it should be called out in the body of the email, giving them the pathway to the promise land.

  7. A New Strategy from {YOUR BUSINESS}

    Everyone wonders if their current pathway is the right one. Bringing new strategies to the table will help make them believe you know their issues and are ready to help them.

  8. Trying to connect

    This one is simple and sweet, should be followed up with a few dates and times that would work for them to connect a on a call or screen share to go over the services. I have found that when the person is able to physically see you, there is a higher close rate. So WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and/or Skype are all great ways to capture your audience and build a relationship with them.


    Another simple subject line for your email, but it gets them to open it to try and find out what you are all about.

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  10. iPhone Users? OR Sent from my iPhone

    Did you drink the Kool Aid and buy an iPhone? You sly dog you! Because the iPhone has the elite branding here everyone thinks you are fancy and wants to do business with you.

  11. I would love to talk about {YOUR BUSINESS SERVICE TO THE COMPANY}

    You talk, I talk, everybody talks when you are adding value to your life. VALUE TO YOUR LIFE is also a funny subject line. Bring the value and get the customer.

  12. Here’s an idea for you

    Bring them an idea that could bring value to their business, and close that sale!


    Point out a potential problem your prospective client may encounter and ask them if they would consider hopping on a call to review the opportunity.

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  14. Change your position about joining {YOUR COMPANY}?

    Maybe your prospective client is not happy with your competitor today and may want to try out your services instead. The time is now!

  15. Here’s a perk for {PROSPECTIVE CLIENT}

    Be specific on the benefit you can bring to the table so they want to work with you.

  16. NAME, you have X options to get started!

    Bring different aspects to the table that benefit you and the company.

  17. This is how COMPETITOR gets PROFIT

    Let’s be honest, you tried to cheat and look at the persons paper next to you to see their answers before providing yours. Cheater! Reality is that your prospective client has competitors and you want to bring that up as if they are successful with you already, they may have FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out and want to test you out solely due to the fact that their competitor is seeing great results with you as well. Lock in down!

I hope these subject lines were helpful for you and can get you to win more business. Happy selling, you beast you! Lock it down!

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10 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you ever heard of Apple Cider Vinegar? I was really oblivious to this miracle worker until one of my holistic and nutrition savvy friends introduced me to it a few years ago, and wow, what a game changer! There are so many benefits to this product that I wanted to share the ten benefits I found to be more helpful in my everyday usage to hopefully help you be your best you too!

1. Facial Cleanser & Toner

If you mix one part apple cider vinegar with 5 parts of fresh water, you get a fantastic skin brightener and ph balanced solution for your skin! This solution has been known to help clear up any acne you may have, and has also been known to remove warts and moles too if directly applied to the source.

2. Weight Loss & Detox

If you mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water daily, the benefits can be tremendous. Not only are there cases of this being great for weight loss, it can also clarify and remove toxins from your body. This can also help improve circulation and help clear out a sore throat too if you have issues there too.

3. Energy Boost

One of my super healthy friends loves to make a smoothie daily with yogurt, fruit and veggies. He sometimes adds chia seeds, apple cider vinegar and flax seeds to it to further increase energy in the morning. I would recommend giving this a shot as it helps to replace a daily coffee or tea with more natural energy.


4. Odor Neutralizer & Disinfectant

Have a shoe closet or entry way that smells odd? Have you tried wiping it down with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water? The initial smell is a bit pungent, but after this dries it should have a much more neutral smell to help clean your home.

5. Weed Destroyer

If you mix a few pints of Apple Cider Vinegar with a quarter cup of salt and two teaspoons of dish soap, kiss your weeds goodbye! This is a more natural way to manage your weed issue without the use of nasty pesticides that could poison your garden or plants nearby.


6. Diabetes Prevention & Circulation Improvement

There has been tests to show that drinking apple cider vinegar overnight can reduce your blood sugar and also improve circulation. Also regular exercise and improved diet can help with this too, but this could help your current reoccurring issues.

7. Salad Dressing, Sauce & Soup Enhancer

Great news is that you can mix apple coder vinegar in your favorite salad dressing, sauce or soup and it gives it an instant flavorful brightness yoy and your family will appreciate. I add it to my homemade italian dressing and barbeque sauce, it gives it a solid kick for a notch up of flavor!

8. Deodorant

I wouldn’t recommend replacing your daily deodorant now, however if you are almost out or all out of your deodorant, try rubbing a little half and half apple cider vinegar and water action to your armpits to make them smell neutral. Make sure you let it dry before putting on your shirt to prevent from staining!


9. Bad Breath Remover

Gargle with a little bout of apple cider vinegar with water and kiss bad breath goodbye! Always floss and brush your teeth daily, but test this out after you eat some garlic and you will be happy with the results!

10. Digestive Aid

Adding a little apple cider vinegar to juice or water can help give your stomach the acids it needs to be on your A game during the work week, especially if you have an upset stomach after eating fried or heavy foods.

Happy Drinking, and cheers to good health!


10 Benefits of Baking Soda

I was wondering where baking soda came from this morning.  Do you happen to know?  Turns out it has nothing to do with Coca Cola or Sprite, AND is not just only used for baking!

So I did some research this morning and it seems that we are making baking soda right here in the good ‘ole US of A, yielding directly from the Buffalo state of Wyoming (also the first state that allowed women to vote in case you were wondering)!  Wyoming is known for having a big population of American bison. Depending on who you talk with, the word “Wyoming” in Delaware Indian language means either “large plains” or “mountains and valleys alternating;” in Munsee language “at the big river flat;” or in Algonquin “a large prairie place,” see this and more about Wyoming here!


Anyhow back to baking soda, basically per Google it is mined from the Green River from trona ore which is a mineral.   The trona ore is baked until it becomes soda ash, where from there is treated with carbon dioxide.  From there yields baking soda!  So odd, right?  I never knew and have been using baking soda for over 30 years!  How weird!

That being said I have used baking soda in a variety of different ways other than baking that I wanted to share to help keep you and your family at your best health!  See my list below!

1. A Cleaning Scrub

More lately I have been concerned with the ammonia and bleach based products that I used to use when cleaning my kitchen, bathroom and shower.  I have younger children and want to be sure that they are not exposed to any poisons at all to not have an effect on their skin, body and overall health.  Let them get to that in college!  In the meantime, more recently I have been using baking soda to clean my bathtub.  With 4 people in my family, we have a lot of in and out of the shower and bath and by the end of the week it gets dirty fast.  I likely wet the bath tub by turning the shower on for a few seconds, the wait another few seconds and sprinkle some in the bathtub.  I then use the Magic Eraser scrubbing sponges that disintegrate as you use it.  I really have seen a big difference in the tub as it gets it very clean, and white – making it shine for the week ahead!

2. A Facial Scrub

I heard the best thing to do in your 30’s for your skin is exfoliate!  I get that as I see that my skin is thicker than it was in my 20’s, so I want to be sure I literally put my best face forward.  Along with the Burt’s Bees Skin Nourishment Gentle Foam Cleanser that I use on a daily basis, I once or twice a week mix in some baking soda with it which helps as an exfoliate and really brightens it up!  I also suffered with acne when I was younger, so some of the scars still remain.  This helps as a mild abrasive agent to help make the scarring not appear as bad too.  Also much cheaper than a professional microdermabrasion session!

3. As an Anti-acid for stomach pain or indigestion

We love spicy fried foods here!  There I admitted it!  Problem is that a few hours later I typically feel a little crumby with a stomach ache.  When you look at the ingredients in Alka Seltzer or other brands you will see that baking soda is actually one of the main ingredients!  You can put a half a teaspoon in some warm water, mix it up, then VOILA, a nice soothing drink to settle your stomach and help with the sometimes painful indigestion we can get from spicy or fried foods.

4.  As a Wall Cleaner

Guys, my kids found the Sharpie and friggin’ drew all over the walls in a minutes time while I was on the phone the other day!  What a bummer!  Good news is that they are white walls so I was able to surprisingly get it all off with the Magic Eraser Sponges and the baking soda I originally am talking about here!  We were really able to get a nice handle on the drawings and although not perfect, still looks way better than it did before and we can have guests over again!


5. As a Teeth Whitener

When I found this little diddy out I was so happy!  I used to spend a ton of money on the Crest Whitening Strips at the store, and found out that by placing some baking soda on your finger and letting it sit on your teeth overnight gets your teeth nice bright and white again!  Give it a try, you will really like it!


6.  A Silver Polisher

If you guys have a ton of old silver in the house, chances are they have been sitting in a hidden place for sometime, getting minimal love!  Merp!  Time to use baking soda to polish it up as a ‘I am really bored’ weekend project.

7.  A Carpet Cleaner

Another bummer is that my children love eating Nutella by the spoonful!  Issue is that sometimes it will fall on the white carpet, which it is such a bummer!   Great news is that a mixture of baking soda, salt and warm water, along with a little elbow grease goes a really long way!  It is a great way to keep your carpet bright in between cleanings, and we typically get them cleaned once or twice a year depending on how dirty they get!  After the mixture dries, you can vacuum over it and you should see a much whiter carpet!

8. A Bug Bite and 9. Sunburn Remedy

There are so many weird bug bites and sun burns that I remember getting when being younger.  One time I even stepped on a bee!  Ouch!  Good news is that baking soda can be applied directly to a bug bit or in a warm bath as a sunburn remedy when you forget to put on that SPF 50 sunscreen!

10. A Baking must-have

SO MANY ways to use baking soda, now that you are done cleaning your house and face, time to use baking soda for your weekend Chocolate Chip Cookies!   Recipe here, and enjoy!





How to Gracefully Accept Feedback & Criticism at Work

Being a perfectionist is hard work.  As much as I am a Positive Patty, I can also be a Sensitive Sally when it comes to criticism at work.  This week I was criticized by a few people at work, one the manager and one the owner of my company.   I was upset after both incidents and personally offended by both accounts.  I was not defensive rather quiet during the criticism, and a bit speechless and taken aback.  I wanted to handle it in a better way next time maybe in a less offended way, hence the article here.

I have found that the older I get the more experienced I am, therefore the more right I should be in most situations.  Serious mistake.  We all deserve feedback, and as much as the feedback may be insensitive and potentially offensive at that moment, it is critical to not act with intense emotion and conviction at work.  Just from previous experience, acting overly responsive or caring overly about my job and company got be no where.


A colleague recently said to me, “why give a shit about the company, when the company doesn’t give a shit about you.”  This was a great point, and I had somewhat of a revelation.  The company really doesn’t give a shit about me, it gives a shit only about what I do FOR the company.  Not about me personally.

This was very empowering to say the least.  I am fortunate to work with a very talented crew, so I feel even blessed going to work on the daily.

Back to the criticisms received this week, I thought about it and realized that the people that criticized me were right.  I just could not process it at the time and didn’t understand it from there point of view.  Either way there will come a time when you are criticized at work, so I want to help give a list of tips to help you handle it when you are confronted by your manager or boss.

1. Feedback is a gift.

Oh boy, this was a hard one for me to accept this week.  I was thinking that maybe I should not received the feedback and maybe my week would have been happier.  Reality is I needed that feedback to help me understand what I was doing wrong, and what I could have done better in that situation.  For many years I have had pretty awful managers that never gave me any feedback.  This was actually a curse.  If I knew what the manager was thinking and their approach to a work problem beforehand, maybe I would not have made the same mistakes again and again and could have improved faster and better.

2. Listen.

Make sure you understand the feedback and ask questions if you do not understand what they said and where they are coming from in a positive constructive way.  Ask how you can perform better and how to do it specifically.

3.  Do not get defensive or make excuses.

This is a really hard one.  You REALLY need to be graceful in this situation as defensiveness will make you seem guilty or not willing to accept the truth in change.  As much as I want to be independent and do my own thing, I must follow suit, trust my leader and do what I am told.  That’s my job!


4. Don’t be so hard on yourself and take it personally.

We are all in the same boat, and most of us want to do a good job at work.  No need to be hard on yourself and perseverate about the mistake or issue, just remember next time how to you can do better in that specific situation.  At the end of the day, the job is not life or death, and the job won’t be your first or your last, so take care of yourself and be nice to yourself.  Being overcritical will just get you more upset.  Being proactive and working on the mistakes will make you better at doing the job the way your boss wants you to do your job.

5. Thank the person that is confronting you for their feedback.

This is an important part of the situation.  The end of the confrontation on your end should be a graceful one, and the end of the conversation should end on a happy note.  Even if you are upset, take the high road.

6. Never put up with someone personally attacking you at the workplace.

If you feel the criticism is over the top negative, and personally offensive also delivered in a very impolite manner, you need to speak up and let that person know you were offended.  It may be best to take that person aside and let them know how you are feeling and how you can better your relationship to make it a productive one.  If this is not helpful, find someone at work you can trust to talk about it.  I don’t think all issues at work should be handled by HR, but if something made you feel uncomfortable then better to speak up as it may be a reoccurring issue and others previously in your position may have been feeling the same way.

7. Feedback can be a blessing.

It could be a tip on how to better manage yourself, your job and the situations you encounter at work.  I always find it helpful to run the situations by my friends and family that know me best, to get an accurate 3rd party view of the account, and it always helps me out.  Keep smiling, keep shining and bust out those nice work moves!

Happy working!  Go get ’em!





10 Salty & Sweet Snacks on the Whole30

Guys!  I just had a great lunch and was really craving something sweet!  In the past I would just have a cookie or a potato chip snack in my office, but now that I am on the Whole30 I need to be prepped with better choices to make sure I remain compliant and stick to the plan of doing my best.

I wanted to share 10 different healthy choices that I have used as a snack and you can too.  If you are looking to do a sugar free diet too, this should help guide you on your way!

1. Organic Blueberries

I love blueberries especially when they are super sweet!  Typically if I am not in a rush I will try one blueberry out of the plastic canister first to make sure it is OK.  If it is nice and sweet I will take them.  Some people like the bitterness of them so that is fine too.  Whatever floats your boat!  They are good to have on hand as you go about your day!


2. Coffee with Coconut Milk, Cinnamon and Nutmeg

OMG, in the middle of the day I am always super tired!  I love to freshen up with a nice cup of coffee.  This gives me a boost as I get into the end of the day as I finish up the rest of my work.  I also add in the full fat coconut milk, as it is a great substitute for a sugary creamer as the sugar and dairy really help you pack on the pounds!  To give this a little kick, I add organic cinnamon and nutmeg to it as well.  I also heard the Nut Pods brand and the Bulletproof coffee brands are really awesome too!


3. Organic Apple Sauce

As long as there are organic apples without any added sugar you should be good!  Just check the packaging and nutrition label before you buy as you could end up with something not compliant which would stink.  You can make a homemade version yourself too if you have time on your hands which is awesome but time consuming.  I find it more convenient to grab this right off the shelf and eat it when I can!


4. RXBar without added sugar

These bars are excellent and many of my friends are really into them as a snack or as a breakfast as a whole.  There are wholesome ingredients that are mostly Whole30 friendly but make sure you check the labels before you leap.  They pride themselves on no B.S., meaning no BAD STUFF! 🙂  Super cheeky and trendy.


5. Pistachio Nuts with Sea Salt

I love these nuts!  These always remind me of Christmas time as my mom used to get all of us these fancy Zenobia pistachio nuts that we would always eat way too many of and get a stomach ache!  LOL!  Just be sure they are organic and made with sea salt!


6. Grapes

Goodness gracious great balls of grapes!  I carry a sack of these at a time as they are filling when you eat a lot and are a good substitute for a sugar snack.  You can use green or red grapes as long as they are organic you are all set.


7. Larabars 

Compliant ones only folks!  Make sure you check the label ahead of time, but if you are confused at which one to choose, check out my article here for guidance.

8. Bananas

Again check to be sure they are organic, these are fine to eat once in a while as you stay compliant on the Whole30 diet.


8. Blackberries

I used to steal these from my neighbors bushes on Long Island as a kid and it was amazing!  I think they must have seen us there but never gave us a hard time.  It was a free snack! LOL!


9. Flavored Seltzer, La Croix, Canada Dry, etc.

As long as there is no added sugar here, you should be just fine.  I like to cut a lemon and squeeze it in there too to make it extra delicious!


10.  Sliced Watermelon & Raspberries

Surprisingly this is a delicious mix, add a squeeze of lemon too and you’ll be in heaven!




Fried Bratwurst, Eggs with Potato Brussel Sprout Hash Whole30 Lunch

Sounds delicious, right? You bet your damn britches it is! Just made this bad boy for lunch and what a joy. It was actually enough for my next meal too, to those who are doing the Whole30 diet.

For those that are looking to get on the Whole30 diet, I would definitely recommend going to Whole30.com where you can see the rules and regulations to make it a success. Meal planning and food prep is a big part of the plan so make sure you have done a good week or so worth of food shopping to make it happen.

Here are some shots of my ingredients for lunch below:





To start, defrost the Bratwurst Chicken Sausages under the faucet if frozen and you are hungry.  If you have some time and are ready to wait around for an hour or so to defrost be my guest.  In a pan on the oven, if you have bacon fat lying around light that up and throw in the eggs and defrosted Bratwurst links.  I then added chopped potatoes and the brussel sprouts whole.  Post cooking you can chop everything up into a hash mix or just eat as is.  Plated version below along with the pan version so you can follow along.

Not sure about you, but I love how the eggs crisp at the bottom!  It is so yummy!  I then sprinkled everything with a little bit of Himalayan salt and the end to give it a little more of a flavor kick.  Great part about this meal is that I made enough to last me through tonight!


Happy eating!

What to do on your First Day at Work

Congratulations!  You got the job!  Amazing stuff.

Your interviews were a hit and you were offered the job based on your skill and merit. Every job you have had before has prepped you for this day.  Also every manager and overall personality type you have encountered until now has prepped you for this as well!  You just don’t know it yet.  Although they say our public schools are failing us, one thing our schools do do without us even being aware of it then is have us interact and grow with people similar and different from us. These characteristics in high school teach us how to interact with different personality types and how to manage that interaction.


When we enter the work world it can be really scary to walk into a new office and not be aware of the personality types, where people are mentally in their jobs, whether or not they are happy with their current manager or employment situation. Either way don’t fret, this is a good basic list of things you can do on your first day on the job even if you are scared.  This list will help you be prepared, confident and ready to take on the new challenges the job may bring your way.

1. Look the part and project high energy!

Dress for success.  This is your first day and it can have a long lasting image on you for your time at the job.  Some experts say that the first day can make or break relationships, so you want to be dressed professionally.  Even if you already got the job, some say this is an extension of the interviewing process.  You should either be in a suit or professional business casual wear, with an enthusiastic attitude to match.


If you are a woman, don’t overdo the makeup, if you are a man, make sure you are cleanly shaven with a semi fresh new haircut.  You want to look polished even though you may be nervous.  I would also be sure to eat breakfast or keep a power bar in your pocket as I find I am more nervous when I am not well fed.


2. Do your research.

Make sure you know the basics of what the company does before you walk in.  Also try to memorize some of the management and who reports to who on LinkedIn before you go, so you have some common things to discuss.  Maybe you worked at the same company before, maybe you went to the same college, maybe you lived in a certain area at a time.  No need to go overboard, but get a basic knowledge about the company ahead of time.


Also what questions will you have about your job ahead of time?  For example, I am walking into a tech sales job so I know as a salesperson it is good to know a few things, for example, how many ad demand partners do you have at the moment, what differentiates us from our competitors (I know some, but good to get the teams perspective as well), what publishers are currently working with us and what makes them special? All these I will have prepped with me, so that in the introductory meeting we can review together and it looks like I came prepared and ready to work.  But not in an over aggressive way.  Although you are probably ready to hit the ground running, I would say the first day is almost like a cocktail hour.  You want to introduce yourself and get to know each person even if a little but.  Few minutes tops so they can continue with their work day.

3.  Relax, smile and be ready to listen.

This is the hardest part in my book.  I find that when I am nervous I just internalize a lot of the nervousness and become shy.  Now is the time to ask questions and be friendly, but don’t look too overly driven as nobody likes an over achiever (even if you are).  I would make sure you are smiling in a good approachable mood, positive and ready to take action if someone asks for you to do something.


It is important to catch the tone and mood of the group socially, so you can understand who is who in the company.  It will take some time to get an idea of who is who in the company, but you will have the next months to figure this out.  I would take notes as the HR manager reviews the company and it’s bearings.  Be attentive, put your phone away and give the respect due to he or she as she reviews the company.

4.  Be ready to pitch yourself, your experience and how you got here in a minute or less.

Now is the time to introduce yourself to your peers.  This is a crucial time for you to give an impression that could last even after you decide to leave this job for another. Be prepared to share your previous work experience, while staying high energy and positive.  Be confident, but not overly confident where you come off like a cocky jerk.  You want your peers also in that same meeting to understand your qualifications and career highlights before you came to your new job, and how you are set up for success to do really well here to grow the business.  Keep your communication clear, friendly, high energy and positive.


5.  Hide your phone, turn in on silent, check your posture and be yourself.

You deserve this job, and your previous interviewers know the same.  Keep attentive, so good to ditch your phone and leave it on silent in your bag.  If you have to check it, use the restroom.  Make sure it is set on vibration or silent mode which is even better.  You do not want to disturb the company by taking calls on your first day.  Also check your posture.  Standing up straight is a sign of confidence, and others will grab a great professional image of you.


Overall, congrats on your first day of work!  You worked hard to get here, and now is your chance to shine!  Be respectful, be attentive, be clear communicatively, and kick ass!   Respect!



Whole30 Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – OMG so good

I finally decided to start my second round of Whole30 this week! It took me a while to get into it again as I have had a busy month preparing to switch jobs. Good news is that I will be joining a new company at the end of the month! Excited for a new start in the new year, and ready to kill it!

In the meantime, I needed to do a big Whole Foods trip this morning to have me prepared for meals as I get hungry or thirsty. Many of you that know about the Whole30 know that success is achievable when you are prepared, and shopping for the week is really key in staying motivated and ready for your next meal.

Right now I am drinking two lemons cut up in a La Croix Grapefruit can as shown below:

And I just made this fabulous dish of bacon wrapped asparagus that was amazeballs! Normally I don’t like to eat asparagus as you know, your pee smells afterwards. It is gross. Y’all know what I am talking about! Either way I was craving some bacon which is like the cake of the Whole30 diet in my humble opinion. I bought a bunch of asparagus and uncured sugar free bacon this morning, see below:

This Wellshire Sugar Free Bacon packaging is genius as so many people are test driving the Whole30 diet now and thebsugar free aspect is right in the title. So easy for a consumer to know it is without sugar! So many other items in the supermarket has hidden sugar or cane juice in it and you would never know. This diet makes you check labels which is good to know what you body is taking in. For me, this diet has helped me realize the negative effects of sugar and wheat. My sister actually was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease growing up, which is gluten and wheat related from what I remember, and I have a feeling I may have it as well in a less prominent way. Either way I gained around 5 pounds a month after I stopped the Whole30 first round, abbreviated as R1D30 for the cool kids.

Good news is I am starting again to get to my goal weight of 155. I am 165 now. Ideally I would like to be a 135 lb super model bit guess it is not in the cards. 😂😃😎

Below is some shots of my asparagus that I wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven at 300 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes and then 500 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes at the end. As you see it came out looking pretty fancy:

I literally broke the asparagus and separated it in bundles. I cut each piece of bacon in half and then wrapped them together, placing them in a pan with a little bot of water on the bottom and olive oil on top. I think sprinkled Himalayan salt, black pepper, and garlic powder on each bundle and threw in the oven. This would be great as a side to a main fish, steak or chicken dish if you are having a dinner party. If you are having a cocktail party, best to cut the asparagus and bacon in half so your guests can just pick them up off the plate.

More shots below:

I would also make sure you plate it nicely for presentation to really wow your guests!

Off to do some house chores like cleaning Nutella off the carpet (yeppers momming is real) but wanted to share! Hope you like it and have a great night!


2018 Super Bowl 52 – Fun Facts

With the Lombardi trophy up for grabs for tomorrow’s Super Bowl LII, or 52 for those who forgot the fancy roman numerals, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will fight for the title tomorrow at 3:30pm PST // 6:30pm PST on NBC, which is channel 4 in NY and CA.


None other than the triple threat, Justin Timberlake himself, is leading the Half Time Show. Also Kelly Clarkson will perform during the Pre Game Show.  It will be played in the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN, and the current temperature is 14 degrees fahrenheit and cloudy.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 6 degree fahrenheit and sunny, which can be blinding the the players but they should be somewhat used to these cold conditions.  It could go down to 3 below zero during the day too, hopefully the players are bundled up and warmed up before they get on the field.  No snow or precipitation in general is in the books which is good, but still cold.


Turns out the Eagles and the Patriots have faced off in the Super Bowl before, where the Patriots won.  Pay back time for the Eagles tomorrow!  All together the Patriots have won five championships, but have been in it 10 times, losing five times. 8 of these appearances happened while Bill Belichick was the coach.  Seems he along with his star quarterback Tom Brady, will try to defeat the Eagles with flying colors.  The head coach for the Eagles is Doug Pederson, and their star quarterback is Carson Wentz is out with a torn ACL, so Nick Foles will be the second up to star and defeat the Patriots if he is focused and determined to win.


Turns out the football team with the most Super Bowl wins is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  After is the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.  Tom Brady has been in the Super Bowl as quarter back 6 times, followed by Jon Elway.  Tom Brady also has the most SuperBowl rings.  He is also married to the famous super model Gisele, and they live in NYC together and seem super happy together, sorry ladies!


Have a great time watching the game and let me know if you are eating and drinking anything fun!  I think we may end up ordering wings and pizza from Papa John’s, because Mama don’t want to cook! 🙂

Peace out y’all!