I have had many jobs in my lifetime. My first job was a beach camp counselor, the next was a secretary at a marina, after that was an alumni coordinator at a boarding school, soon after I was a waitress. My first jobs all taught me something very important: my work jobs were not responsible for my happiness. I was.

I have taken most jobs out of a desperate necessity to pay the rent. Some turned out more awful than the next, but I always realized different things and learned what I do and don’t like. And as they say, learning from doing and knowing what you don’t like to do is almost as good as learning what you do want to do.

A few jobs I have always wanted to test drive was a front desk hotel receptionist and a coffee and tea drink barista. I get excited about the fact of serving people, but I also realize the risks and horrors involved with dealing with the general public.

I do enjoy writing and expressing myself, but I only really like to write about the topics I am interested in, so I do it my way.

I have to admit that I have taken jobs out of the want and will to be happy. But happiness doesn’t come from a job. It comes from me, and me alone. So how can I be happier?

1. Control my day by filling it with things I actually want to do.

2. Figuring out the things I want to do.

I definitely want to do more creative writing, and with that comes inspiration that I want and need. The reality is I have to dig for it. I have to get out into the world and find out what people want and need. I need to reach out my hand and help someone. I need to do more things that fill my soul instead of distracting it from my life purpose.

So what is my life’s purpose? Still I have no clue what it is, however if I have an attitude of gratitude and keep my eyes and ears open that great opportunity will come to fruition and I will be in the merry go round again.

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