It turns out that we work so much that we typically see our work families more than our families of origin. With that being said, we all can get frazzled and frustrated when things don’t go our way. Maybe we didn’t get that raise we were hoping for, or maybe we didn’t get that client we really thought we’d be able to lock down. We all get there sometimes, and slumps really do effect our day to day work. In order to change things up, it’s always smart to change your mindset. And sometimes this can be very difficult when we focus on the negative.

Since we are all only human and things don’t always go our way, it’s important to remember how work helps us by giving us new opportunities to learn and a house under our heads. This article was made to change up our work lives and remember how we can be good employees again.

Here are 10 ways to be a better employee in the New Year.

  1. Be yourself (and polite). It’s okay to be weird sometimes. You are the only you you can be, and being yourself is the best way to assimilate with your team and build trust with others. Making trustworthy relationships and offering help to others will put you in a supportive, positive system that will eventually give back to you too. As they say, you give what you get! Your unique mindset can help build the company and create new ways to do things that simplify work, making the daily grind that much better. Express yourself, and you’ll find others will be themselves more easily with you too.
  2. Remember what’s best for the company, is eventually the best for you too. The longevity and success of your company is a direct reflection on not just your work, but the collaborative work of the company too. Being fully transparent is the new normal in corporate where everyone can see financials, mission, and vision clearly. Even if you think your work may not matter, it really does. Doing your best is key to creating a great reputation and building a first in class company.
  3. Check in with other teams, and try to help them when you have some down time. Building relationships is a big part of growing in your company. Asking if they need help, or simply caring about their success too shows camaraderie and leadership to help you build your repertoire.
  4. Invest in your learning and education. If you can get work to invest in your education, this will increase your learning opportunities and build your resume at the same time. Investing in anything that helps build your career will enhance your opportunity for growth in your company and in your career.
  5. Ask for more responsibility. When you ask for more responsibility, you show you care about what needs to get done in your company. Taking the initiative to ask others if they need help can show that you are a part of the team and show that you are really ready to build with them. The more responsibility you take on the more likely you are looked at for that next promotion.
  6. Be thorough. The best way to be thorough is to triple check your work. I like to do a first draft of an email and than get back to it later, just in case I may have missed something important. When you really are thoughtful about your work, others will notice and will be more likely to help in return. Adding data or research to your case will help you too.
  7. Bring solutions. If there is a problem at work, don’t be a complainer or whiner. No one likes the whiner. Instead try to bring a potential solution to a problem you are seeing, so that it shows you have put in some thought to the problem while trying to solve it yourself. Giving solutions looks way better than giving long lists of issues and problems to your boss as it shows you are a complacent complainer and not self-sufficient.
  8. Show you care about the company and team. It’s the little things that count. So bringing in donuts, sharing some new articles about the competitors, and sharing something thoughtful in your group messaging platforms can really help build camaraderie and show you know your stuff.
  9. See the disconnects. When you see what is missing, you can see the bigger picture and offer your help in connecting new solutions to gaps in the company that you see are holding it back from future success. You can do this by searching different technologies, new management strategies, or simple things that will benefit the business in different ways.
  10. Create a small board of directors outside of your immediate team. This shows that you can work cross-functionally and create trust with other teams that better strengthen both your and your bosses chances of success in your company.

What other ways are you a valuable employee at work?

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