Every person in your company has their unique opinions and management techniques. Managing to each person’s individuality will respect each person out there. It is critical to give each person their space and time to do what they need to do, while monitoring progress and motivating others without being aggressive, fake or over the top. Remember, no one likes a bully and they are typically found out and fired in the long run. A great leader hires people and trusts them to do the job to the best of their ability. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Not everyone can be on their best behavior all of the time, so giving others that extra bit of attention and listening ear will help them feel valuable and help you understand their specific needs. Asking questions is a good start. By giving each employee and team member the exact amount of attention and time they need, it will help you listen and be a productive partner that each individual team member loves and craves.

  1. The Introverted Observer This employee is the thinker of the group and likes to analyze what they do, while mainly preferring to work alone. Mainly a homebody and self-observer, they enjoy getting tasks and performing them on their own with minimal supervision and clear expectation to help them hit their goals. Over management is not necessary, but checking in with them periodically to see how they are doing and asking their preferred timeline will help you respect their personal work style and goals.
  2. The Vibrant Cheerleader This employee loves to pep everyone up for the big game out there, and loves to make everyone feel good and ready to take on the day. Their vibrant and lively spirit is perky and ready to take on any challenge. These vibrant cheerleaders are innovation and always looking for out of the box solutions. Make sure when managing these types that they are focused on the goal and dedicate their time to their individual specific goals, rather than spending their time trying to motivate others.
  3. The Self-Obsessed Hoarder This employee loves to take credit for others people ideas and run away to the boss, happy to take credit for other people ideas and accomplishments. The self-obsessed hoarders do not work as hard as the rest, but also spend a lot of time talking negatively about others to redirect the focus on themselves. They typically are two-faced and will say anything to put others down, while trying to get promoted and climb the corporate ladder no matter what. When managing these types of players, speak to them directly about their individual contributions and keep them focused on their individual goals rather than spending wasted time talking negatively about others.
  4. The Deadbeat Castaways These employees once had a ton of motivation to work and achieve in a high manner, but then lost all motivation and ended up doing the minimal possible to get by each day. Whether they are having trouble outside of work or not interested in the task at hand anymore, find out what is keeping them from achieving their best work. As managers it is important to try and motivate them to do their best work possible, and asking questions to see what is wrong is helpful to understand where they are coming from and then know how you can help. Setting new short term goals to reach will help them readjust and get back on track.
  5. The High Flying Performers These are the best kind of employees as they take pride in their work and always are looking to the best possible job. They go out of their way to make sure all the details of their work are accounted for and need minimal supervision after giving them the goals and rules of the game. Make sure you give them the independence they need to succeed, while giving them raises in title and salary to further motivate them to do their best work.

What personality types are missing from this group and which one are you?

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