The Paleo Diet has literally saved my life. Overweight, miserable and depressed, I was overeating all the wrong things. From sugar to dairy to white bread, I wanted to eat it all whenever I wanted to and felt entitled to reward myself with bad food choices. I felt I deserved sugar after working a long day in the office. So I would eat ice cream, chocolate cake, fatty Starbucks drinks with loads of sugar, and think, ‘I wonder why I’m gaining so much weight?’

Silly me, I didn’t realize most everyone is allergic to sugar and dairy (including me), and they just don’t know it yet. I found out pretty quickly, after 4 rounds of the Whole30 diet and sticking to the Paleo Diet in between, that I was allergic to it all. So instead of overeating the wrong things, I would overeat and indulge on the right things and not gain the weight. I found that I was eating more, and losing more. WIN-WIN!

If you are interested in testing out the Whole30 diet, check out my recipes. My favorite Paleo recipe is the Hot or Cold Tantanmen Ramen Soup, which just so happens to be Whole30 friendly too. I made some really festive Paleo and Whole30 friendly treats on Saint Patrick’s Day too, check them out HERE. Since the Whole30 diet is really meant to be a short term diet, here is my Paleo Diet Cheat Sheet that is a perfect on the go reference sheet for everything Paleo. If you are looking for additional dieting tips on Juice Cleanses, Paleo, and Whole30, it sums it up pretty well in the article we wrote HERE.

Back to the Starbucks coffee + tea magic, sometimes I love to splurge and treat myself at Starbucks but never really know what to order. That super sneaky Starbucks menu can really tally up the calories quickly, so having a SOLID reference sheet on ordering Paleo Diet drinks at Starbucks is super helpful. Whether it be Starbucks coffee or tea, WE GOT YOU GIRL!

SIMPLE TIP: Paleo friendly additions include cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pumpkin pie spice and apple pie spice, basically as long as there is no sugar or dairy in it you are good to go.

All Starbucks drink options below can be either HOT or ICED, it all depends on your needs and mood. I personally enjoy a nice hot drink in the morning, and by 3pm I love a nice big iced tea to get me through the second half of the day.


photo of a brunette
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Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Tea

Organic Chai Tea

Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea*

Royal English Breakfast Tea*

Comfort Wellness Tea*

* = Ask for no sweetener


starbucks hot coffee cup
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Cafe Americano

Evolution Fresh Coffee


Blond Roast Coffee

Dark Roast Coffee

Cloved Brewed Coffee

Pike Place Coffee

DECAF Pike Place Coffee

Black Coffee

What paleo specialty Starbucks drink will you be ordering today?


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