Navigating life’s ups and downs at work can be challenging when there is not a system in place to support these shifts.

Like many of us, I have had ups and downs in my career that have had me stunting my growth or adjusting quickly and being able to continue to fly high fast. The importance of either parallel is key.

And both a mentor, strong community networks, and the company itself can help manage these ups and downs with different levers in place to monitor the psychology, environment, and pillars involved ahead of time to help support humans on the unpredictable nature of life.

The reality is life happens and times will change. Whether you lose a friend, have health issues, or are just downright down and out, you may consider riding out your work term or making a change.

Before you make that leap though, here are 7 secrets to happiness at work that helps us all learn how it’s done, and how to do it right.

Here are the 7 secrets to happiness at work:

1. Fair pay.

2. Fun.

3. Acknowledgement.

4. Flexible work schedules.

5. Promotional Opportunities.

6. Fair, non biased judgement.

7. No bullying.

It is important to have nice supportive people that care about you, your work, your growth, and if your current company is lacking more than they are checking the boxes on the list, it may be time to start searching for new work.

What components are important to you at work that keep you staying in your company culture?

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