The world is a vast and uncertain place. The everchanging nature of the universe (progression) keeps us on our toes and in a constant state of change.

Our curiosity seems to outweigh stagnance, which rewards me with riches when paired with both taking the risk and honoring my divine purpose.

My parents taught me to be nice to others, no matter what, as you don’t know their internal struggles. Is this right? Sometimes maybe not.

No matter what color, race, religion, sex, or orientation, every person is entitled to live free of constraint or control of another person or system if they choose to not participate. The unfortunate reality is many people do not choose the path of freedom, but it turn rob themselves of the chance to thrive.

For this reason, I want to give you the 7 qualities I try to teach my kids daily. My hope is that they may understand how to best navigate people, places and things, that also deeply align with their divine purpose.

Let’s get this party started.

1. Be gentle and courteous to others, even when it may feel undesirable or undeserved. Hurt people hurt people. Instead of taking the bait, responding with kindness will always will. Always.

2. Curiosity leads to knowledge, which can then be converted into innovation. Innovation can lead to opportunity, and opportunities lead to success, even when you fail.

3. Be a giver, and a taker. Reciprocated relationships are the healthiest kind of relationships. One sided relationships do not serve you or your highest good.

4. Stay learning, but don’t give others unsolicited advice. They’ll do what they want and need to do anyway, and having expectations can lead to future resentments.

5. If it doesn’t bring out the best in you, understand the trigger. The trigger will give you insights into what you need to learn.

6. Leave the past where it belongs. It is there for a reason.

7. Stay in today. That’s all we have.

What qualities do you teach your kids?

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