We have all been at home with our children since mid-March this year.

You thought you had done every activity imaginable until today, when you came across this post.

Welcome to the jungle; we got fun and games.

Here are 10 stuck at home for the holidays activities to do with your kids, and they could be fun for you too!

Paper airplanes

Paper airplanes were all the rage in the 80s before the internet. Guess what, they are back and better than ever and an awesome way to pull the kids off of the screen time that seems to be more than the daily recommended hour or two we came into this year thinking was achievable for the overachiever parent out there. We see you, we got you, and we are you. Use this paper airplane guide here to get you going!

Play hide and seek indoors

I loved playing hide and seek during the holiday season. My uncle would always play with us, and we’d always come up with the most creative hiding spots. Spoiler alert, never let your kids hide in the dryer as it could start with then in it. We found that out the hard way in our home. Here are some additional hide and seek ideas for you to boot.

Homemade PlayDoh

PlayDoh was always a hit in my family. Especially when we had the tools along with the kit, we’d play and mold for hours at a time! Here is a great recipe to make homemade PlayDoh to save on the cost of actual PlayDoh. Enjoy!

DIY Homemade Slime

I don’t know about your child, but we are all obsessed with slime videos. We love to watch the creators add balls, color, and paint to them. They mix in random objects of the same color and it is really relaxing to watch. Good news is now you can make slime at home with this recipe here. Hope your mini slimers love it! Clean up is a bitch but you’ll be too if you don’t catch up on your alone time and let them slime out like a boss.

Indoor Pirate Treasure Hunt

You can buy these silver and gold coins and hide them through out the house. First kid to collect all 50 wins a prize!

Make a Mini Magic Garden

If you don’t mind getting your hands in the dirt, creating a magic mini garden with your kids will be fun and exciting. It will also give them a chore to do in the morning when they wake up, when they have to water it. Teaching kids how to garden will help them learn how to grow crops in the future if they love it.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

My kids find it exciting when they have to compete with each other with pretty much everything. Some kids never grow out of that stage, lol! Above is the scavenger hunt list for some competitive Christmas cheer!

Snowman Slam

A festive way to get the kids off your back but also let them work on their hand eye coordination is the cup stacking snowman slam. Have them stack the cups in a pyramid and try to know them all down at once. Bet you can’t do it yourself!

Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe with the Elf on the Shelf combined makes a fun play on the game. Give it a shot. Loser has to wash the windows.

Snowball Transfer Game

If you have a surplus of cotton balls, a straw and two empty cups, you’re in business my friend. Grab a hold of these objects and lay down the rules. Your kids will love this and the more cotton balls you have the better.

What games have you played this holiday season?

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