Here is some exciting adtech news for today, Friday, October 15th, 2021.

Many have heard of old man strength, but have you heard of old mom strength? Well look no further. The pandemic has hit it’s worst among mothers and adtech companies alike. Companies like The Mom Project are reaching out the proverbial pick me up for moms worldwide, supporting them on new collective initiatives to finance and support female entrepreneurs and moms that need support. Give them a looky here,

In a panic to keep up his platform and name, Mark Zuckerberg starts a positive PR campaign on all things that are good about Facebook, more notably, the Facebook Groups Pages. Facebook Groups Pages give users the ability to unite against different causes, anything from Saving the Whales to Knitting Clubs that include togetherness. But it doesn’t look like he is going to reimburse your personal data he sold on your behalf for years and years to come. I pitty the fool. According to The Hustle, Facebook documents revealed the company has banned ~1k militarized social movements using the platform to organize.

The antiquated and sometimes known as crooked ad supply chain gets a swift kick in the rear with the International Advertising Bureau, also known as the IAB, whose tech lab produced an open source code ad-sources.json to combat fake bots and IDs. “It’s critical that companies integrating with user identity sources do so in the open if they hope for this rapidly growing infrastructure to be sustainable in the face of privacy-driven changes,” stated Alex Cone, vice president of privacy and data protection at IAB Tech Lab. “We believe this is a foundational step toward accountability solutions that enable new forms of addressability to thrive in a post third-party cookie world and is in line with IAB Tech Lab’s commitment to improve industry transparency,” sourced from MediaPost.

According to, the Satellite industry is moon bound and you don’t have to be the richest (or 2nd richest) person to get in. They found accessible opportunities in data, branding, and media, check out for more.

Marcus Baur, a double Olympian, trained Architect and tech innovator will be sharing his approach with Mediaspace members on 28th October 2021. His goal-setting method helped him win many sailing regattas across the globe and led him to develop a software that encapsulates his holistic and powerful goal-setting method. Register for this exclusive event HERE.

Have a fun, safe and relaxing weekend everyone. 🙏🌴🌺

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