What a great weekend I had recently! Let me tell you about it.

First off, I have to say it has been a while since I have gotten out of my house before this past weekend. I would have to say it’s been a solid 3 months since we have left the house fully and left laptops and electronics behind (more on how to do a digital detox here). I have found myself more recently in a rut of repetition and needed a major break.

Surrounding myself with family was exactly what the doctor ordered! (He didn’t order it, we just planned it and it happened to work out very well.)

So now you are in the know, and it just so happens that we ended up going to visit my sister’s house in San Diego, and stayed for the weekend. What a great change from Los Angeles city life!

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Let me start by saying that prior to this weekend, I found myself in somewhat of a circular never ending not going anywhere kind of rut, where I was binge watching an obscene amount of Netflix and not really prioritizing my daily goals against the long term and short term goals I have for myself.

By the end of the trip, I needed some coffee and the only bad part about it was that all of the local coffee shops in the South Park part of the city were closed by 5pm. We are spoiled here in Los Angeles as Starbucks is specifically open anywhere from 8pm to 10pm depending on where you roam. I guess Starbucks IS a behemoth company, and since it was Sunday I will give the local store owners a break today.

I am going to be hard and myself but also gentle on myself here, as it has been one hell of a year for most everyone worldwide. The pandemic has really made us see things more clearly. than they were before and made us realize things about ourselves that we may not have been aware of before. It has taken the lives of many, which is heartbreaking. I feel lucky that my family has not been directly effected by COVID in the sense that no one I know personally has gotten it, but still it is alarming to see the updates and the fear it produces for most all can literally drive a person insane if you let it.

Back to my story though, this weekend was exciting and thoroughly relaxing.

Here are 5 major things I did that helped me enjoy my weekend.

  1. I STAYED AWAY FROM MY CELL PHONE, MAN – I stayed off my phone for over 8 hours at a time and it felt so good. I tend to look at it indicatively to see what’s happening in the cyber world, when in reality it has no effect on what I need to do or have to do for survival.

2. I ACTUALLY LISTENED TO PEOPLE TALK, TOOK IT IN, AND TOOK MY TIME IN RESPONDING MORE MINDFULLY – No need to rush the art of the conversation y’all! I prioritized conversations with my extended family this weekend and it was nice to hear what they were doing daily and what they had planned for the remainder of the year. All the stories varied which made it even more fun. This was something that I really honor. Being able to converse with family in a living room setting is such an understated gem, I can’t even tell you. Give it a shot. The good old meeting in a room and actually having a conversation for over an hour without looking at your phone. DOUBLE DARE to you.

The physical challenge was actually not looking at my phone, grabbing it, and casually swiping to see if other people are doing something more valuable than I am and if so figuring out how I can get on the gravy train too.

3. I HAPPILY LEFT LAPTOPS + SCREENS OUT OF MY BEDTIME ROUTINE – Another great part of this weekend was sleeping in going to bed earlier without using a laptop prior to going to bed. I was watching a screen right before bed every night, and just letting my laptop play sounds of streaming while working and the clutter of Netflix realms and working from home realms was a bit maddening. (Although I didn’t realize it until I did not have my laptop and had the weekend off).

4. THE PINNACLE OF KID FUN, A CLUTCH BOUNCY CASTLE FOR KIDS PLAY GAVE US MORE ADULT TIME – Another great thing about this weekend was seeing my kids play with their close cousins. It is lucky that we happen to have a kids bouncy castle that can be blown up on demand. This was a $200 investment that really it worth it’s weight in gold,. If you are not familiar with this saying, it’s a small investment for hours of fun! It also gives the kids much needed exercise during COVID times and gets them to sweat out that untamed energy they have! What a life saver!

5. IF AN IMPROMPTU, UNPLANNED TARGET TRIP IS WRONG, I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT – It was that time to get a little crazy and just go to Target without pre-planning it days in advance trailed with a long ass list of things you don’t really want to get. There I said it. I also can find a million reasons to not to go and end up procrastinating and putting off some of the basic necessities. It makes it so much more fun just to show up and if you end up with nada, you end up with nada. I got some snacks for the kids on this particular Target excursion to keep their little bellies full and their mouths happy! The fuller the belly, the happier the babies!

What things did you do this weekend?

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