Thoughts become things. Have you heard that before? My thoughts naturally create my reality, and I am responsible to let them flow freely in and out of my life.

When your frequency heightens, your vibration rises and people, places and things fall off as they should. This is a natural part of life and allowing the grief is necessary.

You should never feel guilty about severing ties that don’t serve your highest good.

People treat you the way you allow them to and setting boundaries is necessary. You do this with clear communication and a clear mind.

Below are 10 thought paths to enlightenment that will help you naturally grow and level up.

1. Give your ego, pride and troubles to your higher power via prayer or note.

2. Think healing with this relaxing sound bath video for self healing.

3. Listen to pink noise and get your mind right and clear.

4. Sleep with lucid dream music near your bedside, as it will help you feel clear and rested when you wake up!

5. Think growth mindset and research something you are interested in outside of your 9 to 5. Hobbies are fun!

6. Be grateful for every single thing in your immediate environment. For example, family, pets, plants, birds, trees, and anything else that God gave you.

7. Get on your divine flow with your higher power. Don’t force anything as you are right where you are supposed to be, no need to overdo it.

8. Stay in your peace, but stay grounded. And most importantly l, don’t bother with the news (you have no direct control over it and most likely it has nothing to do with your immediate environment).

9. Don’t worry what other people are doing, shift to God’s will instead of others or self will that doesn’t serve your highest good.

10. Be still and listen. Watch what happens and expect miracles.

What routes do you take to enlightenment?

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