Sales is a creative art form that is designed to engage, excite, and expand growth. It’s similar to marketing, which is asking someone on a date. Selling gets them to say yes.

Pitching ain’t easy. Even Kermit the frog knows, it ain’t easy being green. And if you are in sales, you are always after that green. Money that is!

We live in a world where love makes the world go round, but in order to make it go round and round you will need money. As much as you don’t want to admit you aren’t chasing the money, you are. Denial is a hell of a drug.

We pulled together 8 simple ways to perfect your next elevator pitch below.

1. Make it short. Our average attention span is 30 seconds and I think that fell off the cliff in the pandemic.

2. Make it concise. Think of an infomercial. It’s short and sweet, straight to the point.

3. Make it entertaining. No one wants to be yawning during a presentation, but they also don’t want to see a card trick or ring of fire either. Be excited, but not over the top.

4. Focus on facts. Feelings aren’t facts. Show numbers to work it out.

5. Make it professional. Sasha Cohen pitched Donald Trump a glove that you wear when you eat ice cream so it doesn’t get all over your hands comes to mind. Be gentle and speak clearly.

6. Be confident. The slogan, ‘fake it till you make it comes to mind.’ Make sure to leave the ego slash pride at home.

7. Rehearse. Whether on video or to a colleague, get others honest advice to see where you can improve.

8. Be authentic. Be you. You are the best you there is, there’s no one like you. Be unique you and rock out.

What advice to you have on elevator pitching?

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