Great, awesome, perfect, you’re cool. HOW UNORIGINAL.

Does that sound like nails on a chalkboard to you too?


If so, you’ve come to the right article tonight, baby!

Turns out all those adjectives are played out like TikTok.

Tonight, we’ve come up with 20 better ways to say ‘you’re awesome’ to family, friends, and colleagues alike.

Butter up, buttercup and saddle onto these new, tight 20 phrases to make you sound like seagulls near an ocean breeze.

1. You’re the big moon cheese!

2. You’re as luminous as the night sky in Nebraska, Karen.

3. The brilliant radiance of your aura leaves a trail of happy years.

4. You’ve gone above and beyond the galaxy, here’s a Mars bar.

5.  I’m dazzled by your divinity.

6. You’re a hunka, hunka burning love.

7. You’re resilient and captivating.

8. You’re so nimble, like an even mixture of Yoda and Bruce Lee.

9. You handled that like a true champ.

10. You rock my world, you know you did.

11. You’re shining like my bedazzled jean jacket, so luminous.

12. You remind me what possible feels like.

13. Jazz hands!

14. You’re the monkey I always wanted on my back.

15. Thanks for being you.

16. You’re like a Porsche, a total classic.

17. Move out of the way, superstar on the move!

18. If working with you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

19. You’re like a sweet little tap dance of joy.

20. Butter me up and shoot me down a 30ft tube slide, you owned it!

Can you come up with an original hit phrase?

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