The Chestnut Man is an original gory, slow-burn Netflix thriller series that sets itself in present day time. The Chestnut Man dives into the strange murders and disappearances of a cast of characters from a local rural town in Denmark. At the same time where females are popping up dead left and right, we find a detached local female Senator that seems to have lost her little girl in the midst of her busy business life.

The original Netflix series was taken from a novel thriller called The Killing, and written by award winning writer, Søren Sveistrup.

The Chestnut Man keeps us guessing throughout the entire series. We are kept wondering where the Senators missing daughter is, and why there are continuous female murders ending up brutally murdered with one of their hands being cut off. This is the cliffhanger in every series, whilst we all ponder anxiously who did it and why.

We see the mourning and grieving from the entire town as dead bodies keep popping up, and the police are absolutely dumbfounded. As the pressure mounts and the suspense lingers, the Senators familial relationships suffer along with her work life as well. She is given a reprieve from work that was completely involuntary and is forced to grieve in the comfort of her own home as they are wondering where their kid could really be. Dead or alive.

This Netflix original series does start off as a flash back to an old murder scene in an old abandoned farm and barn. A police man comes in to check on one of the family members that did not show up on time for a previous engagement, where he finds dead bodies galore. All of the local family members are found brutally murdered ; one is neatly placed in the kitchen, one is dead in the bathroom in a blood filled bath. Even a poor pig is shot brutally with a shotgun in the backyard, as a dog is kept alive in a cage in the back of a car. Whilst the detective uncovers this grisly crime scene, the horror and astonishment begin.

After these sporadic flashbacks of an entire family being murdered in the 1980’s, a very young woman being murdered and dumped on a local kids playground. Her one hand is missing, and seems to be sawed off with a diamond cut electric saw. Next to her lies a small, little homemade chestnut man figure that has sticks for arms and legs. The Chestnut Man has a little face and mouth through a pic that poked the holes through it. This creepy and suspenseful detective story has a puzzled detective trying to piece together the murdered that seems to have a connection and story behind these creepy, petite chestnut men.

The plot of The Chestnut Man takes place in a small rural town in Copenhagen. The senators, the metropolitan police, the forensic detectives, and the everyday citizens are in on the who-done-it series of shows that Netflix originally produces, narrates, writes and composes on it’s own. Everyone is on the trail of a twisted killer that stars a new ambitious newbie to the police district and an old timer in the department. The killer plans murders that all have the same chestnut men standing up right near each murder victim he kills.

The cast stars a local female detective and police officer, Naia Thulin. Naia, played by Danica Curcic, who is investigating both the disappearance of the Senators daughter and the dispersed female murders that have been popping up almost weekly in her small rural town of Copenhagen. She is a single working mother with a very cute little girl that is super smart and talented, played by Liva Forsberg. Since she is a very busy single mother trying to provide for her family financially since the father is absent, she that does get help from her own father, played by Anders Nyborg. Her father also happens to be a former retired member of the police department forensics unit too.

The plot breadcrumbs us with little clues that seem to pop oup out of nowhere and surprise us all, the audience. These astonishing reveals show themselves out here and there slowly popping up along the way of this cinematic masterpiece. These surprise clues help give us small clues to try and piece together and understand the bigger picture.

Our prime supporting character’s name is Hess, played by Mikkel Følsgaard. In this horror series, Hess is kicked out of his hometown Hague police department, mysteriously transferred to Naia’s task force. As Hess is now attached to this new murder case in his new town, we begin to wonder if he is the murderer himself. As the story unfolds we find the true depths of Hess’s sad life, which turns out to be a new start for his previously more hidden life. His mysterious background begins to unveil itself more through the second half of the series when we find out that his wife was murdered and killed suddenly and very quickly, leaving him with a deep sense of melancholy and loss.

The Chestnut Man is about this grown man slash serial killer that kills neglectful mothers as a sign of social justice and vengeance. It seems the serial killer’s own mother was neglectful and was forced to put both he and his fraternal twin sister up for adoption. The madness continues as the killer was sent from foster home to foster home, eventually being severely sexually, mentally and emotionally abused.

The ending was a total reveal of the plot, which was both heartbreaking and intense.

It actually reminded me of the thriller suspense movie, Blue Ribbon Award winner, Se7en, with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, mainly due to the slow-burn and the mysterious story behind the killer’s motives. I was surprised to find out that the murder was an inside job. But what inside it will be, is up to you to find out.

Have you watched The Chestnut Man yet?

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