Bridgerton is an English, early 1800’s drama, about when debutantes are presented in court to potentially meet their future husbands. This was a very competitive time in a young woman’s life, where she is supposed to be at her most polite, smart, and prettiest. This is a drama about how all the women are competing for their future husbands, and they are looking for the biggest amount of wealth along with it. The goal is to score the most aristocratic family.

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Shonda Rhymes, also known for her work on Grey’s Anatomy. was one of the better known executive producers. The Bridgerton family held eight children, with four sons and four daughters. Her eldest daughter Daphne meets Queen Charlotte’s liking at debutantes court, which is a HUGE honor at that time.

This is narrated by none other than the brilliant Julie Andrews, who gives this fairy tale a narrator from the old country. This series takes place in London and there a ton of super sexy love scenes with Daphne’s fake courting with the Duke of Hastings. She and the Duke of Hastings first pretend to be a thing to get her a better husband, but they end up falling in love and making out everywhere in London.

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I would say that this was a good watch for the sex scenes alone, but otherwise it is not really the Sex and the City of the 1800’s. It could have been much better in many ways, but it is still worth the watch.

Have you seen Bridgerton the series on Netflix yet? Did you like it?

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