The spooky, ghoul-tastic Halloween season has commenced!

Not sure about you, but every October I 110% crave candycorns and hay rides. There must be something as sinister as the sugar in my Halloween candy as the air gets thicker and thicker as October 31st approaches us. The calm before the storm is just as mysterious as the marine layer mist creeps up on the shoreline disguising the full on pirate attack ready to sprout upon us in a surprise attack against the morning dew.

Now is the time where I picture myself walking into the frightening haunted houses, but never truly end up having the chutzpah to go in.

I am a scaredy cat by nature, so instead of walking hesitantly into those haunted houses, I like to drive thru July local Dunkin Donuts near by and purchase a 12 pack box of those soft, delcious Chocolate Frosted Donuts with the orange and yellow sprinkles that make them oh so yummy and help give me that Halloween spirit.

I find the pumpkin spiced Starbucks lattes really too synthetic, so I usually drive pass them on the way to Dunkin Donuts curmugeonly with disdain.

What is your favorite holiday? Mine is Christmas, but is yours Halloween? I have friends that plan their Halloween costumes a year in advance. One friend dressed up in a Halloween costume that was inspired by JayZ and Beyonce. You know when they got into the box and went all Barbie and Ken courtesy of Mattel?

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My all time favorite though would have to be hands down, the inflatable dinosaur with the bobble head.

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This is mainly due to the fact that the movement resembles Bernie’s movement in the old Weekend at Bernie’s movies in the 80s. Do you remember that one?

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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