Travelling with kids can be easier if you are fully prepared for the worst case scenarios. Bringing the necessary electronics, chargers, snacks and other supplies can keep them entertained as you take off for travel.

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Here are 8 top tips for travelling with kids.

  1. Little Neat Protein Snacks + Small water bottles. Trail mix, crackers, pretzels, and granola bars work well. Snacks and water cost a lot in an airport, so better to come in prepared.
  2. Considering purchasing a seat for a one year old, it’s nice to have them strapped in their car seat so they fall asleep there.
  3. Check as much luggage as you can. A handful of kids is enough, better to have your hands free to move car seats on and off the plan. Put as much as you can in the checked bags section. Stroller is checked as well, double stroller is easier as it is a catch all for all your junk and an extra kid.
  4. Pack hand sanitizer in advance and extra masks as needed. One extra mask for each kid is ideal. Little rubbing alcohol pads are nice to be able to do a once over your lap trays as needed.
  5. Keep the kids near the window and you take the aisle seat. Reason being is that the window is a form of entertainment for them as you take off and land. Sometimes the clouds are fun to work with as well.
  6. Kids activities are necessary with books and quiet toys. Download as many videos as you can like paw patrol etc. Last resort is the kindle to keep them happy in their seats.
  7. Headphones for the kids kindles. These are a legit lifesaver as they have a ton of fun and playful headphones that make them look cool and keep them focused on the video.
  8. Rental cars are easier than public transportation and taxis, where they are cheaper too. This gives you your own ride to go where you need to go with the flexibility of staying on your schedule rather than someone else’s.

What other tips do you have when flying?

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