After a fruitful long wedding weekend, all I want to do is scroll mindlessly through Instagram. But guess what, the party is (temporarily, maybe?) over.

I tried signing into Instagram on our Leverage Ambition account this morning and received the following server error pre pop from the global social media company.

Did someone finally do the unthinkable and hack into their servers? Is Mercury Retrograde finally pulling down popular app statuses too?

Lord only knows. In the meantime, I am suffering from the typical social media withdrawals like the below:

  • My breathes are shorter and less mindful, out of the sheer nervousness and negative thinking that I may never be able to log into Instagram again.
  • My heart is racing even when chilling on my bed with the very thought of people not knowing what I am doing today.
  • I am parched and in need of water, but too busy refreshing instagram on my browser to see if I can see my own profile and basque in the glory of me.
  • Will I ever be able to see sarcastic memes again? If the answer is no, here are two cheeky ones below just in case they are the last memes I’ll see again.

How much longer can I take it? Not sure but here are the Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers and some other Wizard of Oz movie props to ease my worries. Enjoy.

Remember kids, there’s no place like home.

Also if you want to see these original ruby slippers in real life, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Oscar Museum is now open in LA on Wilshire and Fairfax, right on the south western corner of the LACMA and tar pits property. Enjoy the show.

Stacy, OUT!

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