When I tell you the PALEO DIET saved my life, it literally did! Pre-paleo I was dieting in the most concerning ways. From the Halo Ice Cream diet to the liquid diets, nothing seemed to work long term. I usually ended up being bigger than what I started with, haha! If you are interested in a QUICK GETTING STARTED PALEO DIET reference list, look no further.

The only thing that saved me was managing the things I put in my mouth in the first place! The PALEO DIET really helped me with it all! I needed a diet where I could eat as much as I want, whenever I want, and still feel full, satisfied, and easy on the weight scale at home (where I secretly had wished it was broken for years, but it turns out that was a lie).

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The PALEO DIET all started with finding the perfect PALEO DIET GROCERY LIST, which I was able to make on my own after researching all of the acceptable ingredients I would need for the week. I then had to build a ton or PALEO RECIPES that worked for my busy schedule. This meant a little prep work, but not as much as you’d think!

Once I got started with the PALEO DIET, I never turned back! It gave me a sense of food freedom I never had known about before the lucky discovery! I also enjoy snacking throughout the day, so the PALEO DIET allowed me to eat whenever I was hungry.

Since I am a mega-Starbucks fan (hey now, well aren’t we all and I think even the tree huggers are down with the Starbucks too), I wanted to pull together a PALEO FRIENDLY SNACKS + MEALS list so that next time you are on line to order at Starbucks, you have time to search for this list to order PALEO SNACKS. Here is my PALEO FRIENDLY STARBUCKS DRINKS LIST if you need that handy too.

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Here are 16 Starbucks snacks and meals that are okay to order for all those strictly adhering to the PALEO DIETS.

  1. Bananas
  2. Watermelon
  3. Oranges
  4. Roasted Almonds
  5. Roasted Cashews
  6. Fresh Fruit Cup
  7. Chicken Flatbread Snack (minus the hummus + pita)
  8. Sliced Turkey Sandwich (replace bread with lettuce and cheese with tomatoes if possible)
  9. Egg & Cheese Protein Box (minus the multigrain roll + cheese)
  10. Cheese & Fruit Protein Box (without the crackers + cheese)
  11. Cauliflower Tabbouleh Side Salad
  12. RXBars (any bars that don’t have peanut butter flavors are up for grabs, but complaint ones include Chocolate Coconut, Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Sea Salt, Apple Cinnamon, Maple Sea Salt and Chocolate Chip)
  13. Justin’s Classic Almond Butter
  14. Avocado Spread (you can order with the sliced turkey)
  15. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
  16. That’s It Fruit Bars (Apple, Berry, really anyone is all natural fruit, so indulge!)

What paleo diet items are you going to order on your next Starbucks drive thru trip?

And if you’re going to McDonald’s instead, here’s a FULL PALEO HOT PICK LIST!

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