Support your body by eating the right things! The better you eat, the better you feel, and this is especially right before that time of the month.

A slight segway, as I age I find that the regular foods I used to eat (candy, rice, milk, pasta, bread, butter) were all making me fat and tired. I was lost. I tried everything from My Fitnesss Pal to Weight Watchers to track my progress and always seemed to fall off the horse.

When I tried Whole30 diet for the first time, I saw results within the first 30 days and felt more energetic than over before.

My body detoxed from all that yucky sugar and I felt alive and vibrant again. The access carbs, dairy and sugar were making my tired and unmotivated. By chance an angel came down into my Instagram feed and was talking up the Whole30 diet. It was amazing. I lost 20 lbs in a month. However after reintroducing the same things I used to eat, I just gained weight again. I later found out that after the Whole30 diet, transitioning to the Paleo diet was a better solution.

I created the Paleo Cheat Sheet here to get you started, and if you type Paleo in my search bar you’ll see my journey and all the recipes that supported my journey.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my pre and during period foods that are delicious, but also support your physical and mental health as your body transitions.

Here it goes!


Magnesium rich foods like spinach and dark chocolate hit the spot.

Fiber is good for your gut health, and also makes you less bloated. Fruit, vegetable, legumes, and nuts all work great for me.

Water is great for you as the more your body is hydrated the better you feel. Our bodies our 90% water, or so they say!

Vitamin D rich foods back you up nicely, and you can try salmon, bok choi, or eggs to help you feel better.

Vitamin B6 is a great way to get energy, try bananas, brown rice and eggs to feel more vibrant.

Zinc supports your brain health and you can eat pumpkin seeds, shellfish and legumes to fill that void.

Calcium can come from natural fruits like oranges and apples.


Iron rich foods help as you lose iron, so foods like lentils, oysters, apricots, meats, and kale all work together to make you feel better.

Vitamin B12 makes your brain sharper and can be found in clams, salmon, tuna, and soy.

Omega-3 from fish oil and flax seeds can also give you that boost of energy you really need.

Each woman is different and it is good to consult your doctor or nutritionist to see what diet is best for you. These are the foods that I found most beneficial to my health.

What types of foods do you eat before your period?

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