Pumpkin season is upon us! All praise the pretty, plump pumpkins!

I always get excited for fall. Hayrides, outdoor festivals, pumpkin picking, and new excursions, there is always something new and fun to celebrate.

As the weather cools down, I tend to crave comfort foods. Since I live and die by my Paleo Diet, I always experiment with new recipes that will keep me healthy and fit without the guilt. Paleo sweet treat dessert recipes are my specialty!

I have come up with some Sweet Holiday Paleo Treats for baking and entertaining before, but let’s SPICE IT UP! (Insert pumpkin spice pun here.)

First you’ll need some Paleo friendly baking flours at your local grocery store.  If you have made Paleo pastries before, this should be easy peasy. If not, no problem. It is fun to test out new Paleo snackypoos (Translation, don’t be a scaredy cat! You got this!)

Here are five NEW fun, fall Paleo treats to keep you full of comfort and joy. And when you’re all done baking, you can swing through Starbucks and grab a nice, hot Paleo friendly drink to cheer you up.

1. Pumpkin Pie Paleo Bars

2.  Soft Pumpkin Paleo Cookies

3. Happy National Paleo Day Cakes

4. Healthy Paleo, Easy Entertaining Desserts

5. Perfect Paleo Pumpkin Pie

If you are looking for a FULL Paleo Grocery List, there you go.

If you happen to be in full swing full ‘that time of month’ mood, checkout our secret recipes.

If you DETEST pumpkins because they ruined your life, try these Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Lover Muffins instead.

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