It’s your favorite Christmas elf, Sugarplum Tinseltoes, coming to you from the lovely holiday spirited Los Angeles! We are celebrating the holidays with our favorite paleo cookie recipes to excitingly celebrate Christmas responsibly and healthily. Nothing says the holidays like a hot plate of crumbly cookies. I love my cookies with a nice, warm glass of vanilla almond milk. I also enjoy watching the yule log in my fireplace burn as a dream of Christmas pasts.

My mother and aunt were amazing bakers. From raspberry thumbprints to confectionery sugar balls, we really had it all. Chocolate chip cookies were a must but we’d always eat more of the dough then we’d be able to bake. This Christmas is particularly special as we have all stayed safe. We have all avoided getting sick successfully by following the mask protocols and washing our hands each time we get back from a day trip. The cleaner our hands, the less chance of us spreading or getting the sickness.

In lieu of the Christmas spirit and my new paleo diet, I went ahead and found 12 Christmas cookie recipes that you can make with your family and enjoy for yourself. Go ahead, eat the batter and love it. Sometimes all you need to bake is a few cookies anyhow. 🙂

What are you favorite Christmas cookies? Mine would have to be the peanut butter cookies, which can be recreated with paleo friendly peanut butter. The Christmas baking options are endless, and here are 12 handpicked recipes that we’ve dug up for you to try too. My sweet tooth is always in overdrive each Christmas season, to having cookies in the cookie jar every year is a great way to celebrate and get in the holiday spirit. Also if you haven’t already decorated your house, get to it!

And before your sweet tooth arrives, here are our 12 days of paleo Christmas cookies to make and bake today!

What paleo Christmas cookies are you going to test out this week?

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