Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks for all that we’ve been given through the last year. It is a good time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve overcome, and prep for the holiday madness. I always like to be introspective as the holidays approach, but Thanksgiving time is a great time to have a sense of humor and let loose by giving yourself a funny Thanksgiving nickname to you and your guests as they arrive.

Humor can get us through anything, and the holidays are a fun time to gather, joke, and be merry!

Here is a your funny Thanksgiving Name Generator by the first letter of your first name and your birth month.


first letter of your first name

A – Crispy

B – Sweet

C – Cheesy

D – Fluffy

E – Glazed

F – Fried

G – Creamy

H – Salty

I – Sugary

J – Plump

K – Buttery

L – Whipped

M – Golden

N – Baked

O – Scrumptious

P – Mushy

Q – Delicious

R – Flakey

S – Stickey

T – Fizzy

U – Zesty

V – Soft

W – Spicy

X – Peppery

Y – Bitter

Z – Hot

your birthday month

JANUARY – Cornucopia

FEBRUARY – Cornbread

MARCH – Mayflower


MAY – Brussel Sprout

JUNE – Leftover

JULY – Green Bean

AUGUST – Tofurkey


OCTOBER – Turkey Leg

NOVEMBER – Wishbone

DECEMBER – Fine China

My name is Whipped Green Bean, what’s yours?

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