Not everyone is going to be a fan of yours at work and vice versa. It helps to accept the fact that you are not required to like everyone at your place of employment, but you will have to find ways to calmly navigate the waters to peaceful and thoughtful resolutions.

I have found that when I point the finger at a person or boss, that I need to redirect the finger at myself. Is the thing that bothers me about this person something that bothers me about myself? Sometimes writing myself a letter about the confusion with a response from the universe can surprisingly help.

Here are 6 ways to resolve conflict at work.

1. Think about the conflict. I like to write down the who, what, where, why, and how’s down prior to analyzing the situation. This helps me get clear on the issue at hand.

2. Try to understand the other persons point of view and meditate about it before confronting the person with a present meeting.

3. Make sure you are in control of your emotions. It is better to respond and not react. Pausing is essential if necessary!

4. Make sure you are actively listening. It is hard to listen to people you may not respect or care for. Letting go of the control over a person can give you a sense of freedom. Letting them choose their outcomes will give them the dignity of their program.

5. Keep calm and try to respond instead of reacting. T.H.I.N.K., meaning is it thoughtful, honest, intelligent, necessary or kind? If there is a triggering moment, you can say something like this, ‘that is a good point, let me think about it and get back to you on some solutions.’ Sometimes it helps to pause before you force a solution. Usually people want to come up with their own solution naturally, so asking questions may help them solve their issues on their own.

6. You can always agree to disagree, and you don’t always have to resolve the issue in the day. Ask yourself, how important is it? Sometimes you won’t get your way at work, and sometimes winning isn’t everything. Coming to a common ground with coworkers can help you resolve conflicts and get through the uncomfortable feelings to lead to success and imrpovement.

Sometimes not having the answer is okay too!

Have you had conflicts at your place of employment and if so, how have you approached them?

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