I used to ABSOLUTELY LOVE time off from school when I was a kid. Playing on the beach, hiking in the hills, and spending time gaming were my favorite past times. I could never beat Zelda though even after mastering the ghost town maze.

The kids are finally off from school this fall, and what a better time than now to do some exciting family trips that work for even the pickiest kids out there. It’s all about making due with what you have and really having a good time letting loose and hanging with the family.

Things seem to get monotonous when we are working day in and day out on the same routine. This fall break during Thanksgiving is a great time to make new memories and new traditions. The best way to do new things is to get out of your comfort zone, and get out of the house!

Thanksgiving for our family is normally quite unconventional as our immediate family does not live in our town, county, nor state. Exhausted from both parents working full time and not really being able to get out together often, we came up with some new things to get off off of the ZOMBIE SCREEN TIME and back into the real world.

Here are ten things to do on Thanksgiving break with the kids that are fun, fashionable, learnable, and excitable for ALL INVOLVED.

Let’s get it!

1. MUSEUM MEANDERING There is no day but today to get out into your local museums. Your local museums preserve our history and really rely on the charitable community by giving back with tickets and donations of any kind. Take a search online in your town to see what museums are nearby and what ones would be fun to go visit and run about gloriously. ENJOY IT!

2. PLANETARIUM The stars and space come together making our universe, and the planetarium is a great way to go and learn about it all. Vast and infinite, you can see all the stars and planets that spin round and round making our earth spin and do it’s daily jive. This is a great activity for all ages as we learn about things outside of us and realize how small we really are. Some planetariums actually rain on you, which is a funny memorable surprise and will be loved by all.

3. CAMPING Although the bougiest of the bougie would mostly prefer glamping (GLAMOUROUS + CAMPING + GLAMPING), those looking to get back to nature can find their nearest camping ground and tough it out with a tent and a campfire for the night. Bringing plenty of covered snack s and drinks is a prerequisite and some camping grounds even have public toilets and showers that you may need to pay in coins or cash. Bring all the supplies you may need and pack everyone in the camper van for a night out in the actual stars.

4. HIKING THE MOUNTAINS Mountains are there for a reason, to be climbed of course! Hiking is a great activity to do with the family. It is fun to discover easy and hard trails depending on what you think you and your family need. If you have little ones, taking the easy trails will be easier on the legs. Don’t forget to bring the sunscreen, sun hats and plenty of water. I suggest you pack some sandwiches and leave them in the car for a little picnic with the big family when you return. Remember, STAY ON THE PATH.

5. HEATED POOL HOPPING This is a really fun research project to do ahead of time, and can be fun for people of all ages. You would first need to research both pool clubs and resorts nearby that have heated pools. Most will have the ability to purchase a day pass. This is super fun as there is no pool like a heated pool on a cold day. Happy heated pool hopping!

6. WATER GUN COMPETITIONS I absolutely love water gun competitions as no one ever really gets hurt unless they slip and fall. So playing on the sand it a good way to roll out this suggested water gun competition. Get red and blue water guns and divvy them out to your family. You can add water balloons to the mix as well. The water balloons go fast so I would highly recommend filling up two coolers of water balloons ahead of time so you don’t have to keep filling them up during the competition. Happy hunting!

7. FERRY RIDES We have 4 different ferries near us that travel from town to town , island to island, and state to state. When you buy a round trip is may even be cheaper than just a one way ticket. Enjoy whale watching and seeing the dolphins pop up and splash you fast. There are plenty of schools of fish waiting to show off to you too! Some ferries have a cafe on board so you can enjoy lunch and a drink if you are bored. Happy ferry riding!

8. TRAIN TRIPS There are plenty of trains in our town that span our county and beyond. It’s fun to take the train anywhere then have lunch in a random town you’ve never been to before. It’s like town roulette, you never know what you are going to get!

9. PAINTING Acrylic or water colors are very popular with our family. We love to paint portraits of each other and also love to do the YouTube copycat videos that teach us how to draw anything from dinosaurs to rainbows to our favorite cartoon characters like Pokemon. These make really great presents for family and friends, and sending them out during the holidays is always a hit!

10. SAILING VIA CATAMARAN TRIPS Not sure if you have a body of water near you, but sailing trips are really the cat’s pajamas. If you find a coupon through Groupon or Craigslist it is always recommend you try and find a deal. Sailing trips include a captain and a staff usually that help sail the boat and then also help to serve drinks, appetizers and food. Ahoy matey!

These are some fun recommendations for you and your family! What are you going to do with family yhis Thanksgiving break?

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