Leadership can be less complicated and more satisfying when there are pillars to help guide us (and our lovely teams) to the promise land.

Here are 8 wise quotes from Harvard MBA’s on what it takes to be an effective and successful leader.

A successful leader:

– Inspires by actions and words

– Clearly communicates the goals of the organization to all

– Is good at motivating and incentivizing people in the company

– Set forth a clear policy that no compromise in ethical behavior is acceptable

Lawrence D. Ackman

Delegate more to trusted associates and don’t try to do everything yourself. Business should be more of a partnership, rather than master and employee.

Sam Abel-Smith

Leading by example is by far the most important characteristic of a good leader. Being decisive, firm but fair, and setting well defined goals for yourself and others are also very important.

Eric Lauritzen

Integrity and candor in dealing with your management team, employees, and investors, together with treating customers and your community fairly and with that same degree of integrity, is to me the real key to leadership. There is little need to take credit for success. It will flow naturally if it’s really earned.

Frederick O’Such

Hire people better than you and give them support and the freedom to thrive.

Richard Peterson

A successful leader:

* Knows as much as he can about his organization’s mission
* Believes in the mission
* Communicates the mission clearly
* Points the way
* Gets out of the way

Robert Bowman

A good leader must manage the present in the context of the future, and keep both balls in the air. He needs to be a coach, a leader, an inspirer, and a taskmaster. He must respect his people. He has to trust and mistrust — trust but verify — at the same time (sort of a blend of several forms of managerial schizophrenia).

Thomas Riley Jr.

Personality characteristics do not define a leader. A leader must present a recognizable objective and explain why achieving the goal is important.  No one wants to follow a person who does not know where he is going or is unable to explain why achieving the goal is important.

J. Lawrence Wilson

What aspects of leadership are important to you?

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