Living our dream life is in arms reach with Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4-Hour Work Week. Tim notes that we have the distinct luxury and power to engineer our dream lives without drowning in the details. To sum it up, we can become the greatest version of ourselves by trading in the 9-5 rush through simplifying our work week in three easy steps.

Tim Ferriss wrote The 4-Hour Work Week and quickly became a topper on the New York Times Best Seller List. These massive results showed us how desperate we were to get out of the broken and antiquated work week.

The unfortunate reality is that even though we push out an unfathomable amount of wasted hours in our 5-day work week, Tim Ferris notes that the money we make is not as valuable as the time we spend there when the true quantifiable math is accurately calculated.

For this reason specifically, we summed up the entire book with 3 simplified steps to free us from the rat race. Tim Ferriss’s goal execution helps us achieve efficiently and live the life we’ve always dreamed of. Anyone can achieve this simple way of living by creating a more effective way of managing our space and time.

Here are 3 simplified steps to achieving The 4-hour Work Week with the summarized points from none other than our buddy and mentor, Tim Ferriss.

1. Remove The Unimportant With Quantifying What Produces The Intended Results. The process of elimination helps us work less by riding ourselves of the work that does not produce the most effective and productive results. Dwindle down your to-do list by using what’s known as the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule. In order to pull the Pareto Law off, you’ll need to quantify what 20% of our time is producing, 80% of our results. Rid yourself of the paperwork and projects that are not bringing you the results you are looking to achieve. For example, if I am selling cars I would need to focus on getting those clients in the building and into my lap to sign a deal. With that, I’d need to create a campaign that brings these qualified leads in as often as possible to get me to my goal. This would include effective marketing efforts through digital, print, radio, TV, OTT, CTV, mailers, emails, ads, and more. When they walk in the door the sale is up to you.

2. Delegate or Eliminate. Know your strengths and weaknesses and focus on the strengths while delegating the weaknesses or less valuable. Hire that virtual assistant to manage emails, scheduling, events, and more, so you can focus on the quantifiable actions you need to take to hit your goals. An assistant will help you delegate, automate, liberate, or outsource monotonous tasks that are doable with others for less money.

3. More Output, Less Input. Focus on your required, valuable output, instead of focusing on unnecessary input, or people, places, or things that are not helping you achieve your objectives. Make a time shift from low economic value to high economic value. A perfect example of this would be responding quickly to emails, which is a and disorganized approach. Checking your emails twice a day is the most effective way to spend your time to complete your critical objectives first. Unplugging and reseting is better time management. Consume less that has no effect on your direct goal. Forget about learning things that are not necessary to your end goal. That means cutting out news, social media, magazines, papers and information that is not going to help you achieve the tasks you need to achieve. Giving everyone immediate access to you is not a good thing. Responding to calls, emails, and text quickly will only make you look easily accessible and a information dumpster. Checking texts and emails twice a day in the late morning and early evening is sufficient. Massive action without having precise objectives is a form of extreme, chronic laziness.

With the 3 simplified steps above, what input will you be eliminating from your daily work week?

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