When nothing is certain, anything is possible. This statement is incredibly triggering, yet freeing at the same time.

I heard this in a meeting recently and it completely blew my mind.

Could it really be that simple?

The answer is oh boy, yes, yes it can.

The reality is nothing is certain, therefore everything is in a flux juxtaposition of change and transition. Transformation only occurs when I surrender and accept my transition.

Forcing solutions does not serve my highest good. It turns out I want certainty in an uncertain world, which is IMPOSSIBLE.

I used to pride myself on being busy all the time. But busy doesn’t equal productivity. To have my best life possible, I’ll need to get meaningless chores done quickly, so that I can get back to writing and chilling with my family.

I need to give myself permission to dive into what I am passionate about. And I have the lion power to trust myself and the process in front of me.

I see myself in everyone and I am ready to play. I have built up a lot of momentum this year and it looks like the blog has had it’s best year in history.

It’s because I am being myself. And no one else needs to jump in on allowing me to be myself. I am me without apology.

I need meaningful connections with things that are meaningful.

I can release and be adventurous, while planting my roots. I can get whatever I want when I put in the legwork.

I can let go of what I love the most, for in order to keep it, I have to lose it.

I made a promise to myself that I will learn something new every day.

At the same time I can give myself permission to take a break and have fun.

The best part about being an independent writer is that I have control over my life and my schedule. What a priviledge!

Okay bye.

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