Out of the cold Atlantic Ocean swims a mythical sea creature notably defined as a selkie. With Celtic Irish and Scottish origins, a selkie is mythical and elegant seal sea creature that turns into human form looking to seduce those that inhabit the coast lines. Selkies are enamored with land folks, and seek them when in trouble in their regular habitat under the sea.

In the Amazon Prime Movie Ondine, an alcoholic fisherman is out on his normal morning catch. As he reels in the wet fishing net, he is terrified when he finds a women that appears dead inside of it. He quickly calls in through his radio for help as he cuts open the net on his boat as a women lay pale and breathless on the back of the stern. Realizing he needs to act fast, he goes in to give the women CPR. As he leans in the women miraculously starts to cough and awaken. He holds her as she coughs up water and comes back to life. Forgetting her name and how she got there, the lonely fisherman insists on sending her to the hospital. She refuses after multiple attempts.

The lonely alcoholic fisherman is played by Colin Farrell. His real name is Syracuse, but the town calls him Circus as his belligerent drunken stupors about town causing a raucous. Sober for 2 years before finding the selkie, Circus has a shoddy past.

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As the story rolls out he is shown to have an ex wife, who also happens to be an alcoholic. They do also have a child who is confined to a wheelchair called Annie, who gives an excellent performance (notably played by Alison Barry). Annie is neglected and ignored so often while growing up, that she ends up taking care of herself more often then none. An awful accident gets her wheel chair bound as she goes unsupervised by her guardians. This incident leads to Circus getting sober.

Soon enough Annie meets the selkie her father picked up, and she is enamored by her swimming abilities. Catching the selkie woman doing the butterfly stroke through the ocean, she instantly is taken aback by her grace. The great love story begins with this beautiful friendship and lovely meeting. The selkie pays more attention to her than ever before and teaches her how to swim too.

This scenic movie shows the seals of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland and reveals the lush cliffs of the Celtic coast.

I really enjoyed this movie today and would highly recommend watching it, especially if you are of Irish or Scottish origin. The coastlines are still major fishing ports and it gives us all a glimpse into the simple life of a small family and it’s trials among the panoramic shores as you listen and indulge in life on the Irish coast.

Have you watched it yet?

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