50 Things I am Grateful For This Month – My September Gratitude List | Leverage Ambition

I am grateful for so many things this September!

Here is my gratitude list:

  1. My neighborhood
  2. My children
  3. My children’s friends
  4. My Dad
  5. My Mom
  6. My Grandparents
  7. My In-Laws
  8. My sisters
  9. My brother
  10. My higher power
  11. My awareness
  12. My sobriety
  13. My ability to french braid my hair
  14. The cold fall weather
  15. My home
  16. Hot tap water
  17. Clean sheets
  18. The ability to keep it simple
  19. The ability to pray
  20. New friends
  21. Old friends
  22. My 5 senses
  23. My couch
  24. My internet
  25. The beach
  26. The ocean
  27. The moon
  28. The sunrise
  29. The stars
  30. YouTube
  31. My Wall Calendar
  32. My Smart Phone
  33. The Yankees
  34. Live baseball games
  35. Live music
  36. Pink Floyd
  37. The trees outside my window
  38. The new neighbors that moved in
  39. The ability to rest
  40. The ability to pause
  41. The ability to teach my kids their homework
  42. The ability to sing
  43. The ability to speak
  44. The Little Mermaid
  45. Beauty and the Beast Cartoon
  46. Baby Monkeys
  47. Newborn Puppies
  48. Prayer
  49. New Clothes
  50. Warm food

What are you grateful for this September?

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