It is easy to get caught up in others noise that lives outside of yourself. The lack of control of the destructive media, the lack of healing from our health industries, the lack of leadership, etc etc can all be overwhelming and debilitating.

As I step out of fear and into my purpose, I understand that there are rituals to help me set my intentions on my wants and needs.

Coming into the mindset that nothing is done to me and everything is happening for me will keep me awake and alive.

Here are 16 coaching cues and rituals to help you remember who you are, to hop into your life’s purpose.

  1. Open new doors. The more we embrace others and realize we are one, the healthier we become.
  2. Don’t force it. Allow yourself to heal and don’t force solutions that don’t feel right for right now.
  3. Feelings aren’t facts and, thoughts aren’t things – stay neutral in the middle of the riverton balance mind, body and soul.
  4. Failure breeds success when you dust yourself off.
  5. Do you, and be happy where your head and feet are now.
  6. There is always a calm before the storm.
  7. Channel Your Empress or Emperor energy
  8. You are ready, and always were.
  9. Hibernation will turn into new beginnings.
  10. Remember who you are.
  11. You can plant a seed and it will grow if you water it.
  12. You are abundant.
  13. You are independent.
  14. Creativity sparks when you move around and observe while listening.
  15. Light an intention candle for your desires.
  16. Meditate and manifest it.

What’s your plan tonight?

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