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Quick Nature Crafts | Leverage Ambition

Artwork of the Day – Stained Glass Geometric Shapes

Today was a peaceful day. We went for a walk in nature and met a new friend. We walked for an hour and explored the trees and flowers in our neighborhood. As we walked by the many houses, we discovered a really cool stained glass window that really inspired my artwork of the day today. […]

Artwork of the Day – Potted Plants and Trees Under a Bagoda

Today we drew a series of potted plants under a bagoda with oak trees in the background. I made it with different colored green and blue crayons. The outlines are made with regular number 2 pencils and I liked it with a few colors only. I had some time on my hands and I love […]

Artwork of the Day – Watercolor Designs | Leverage Ambition

We decided to take a break today and whipped out the watercolor paints. Just kidding. However we do have a solid appreciation for Bob Ross. RIP. Not only was he brave enough to sport the afro, he was brave enough to paint in front of the camera which was something foreign to other artists in […]

Artwork of the Week – Venice Street Paint 🌊🎨🖼🎭♥️ – Leverage Ambition

California is the capitol of creativity. There I said it. Not only do folks come to be free of the rest of the organized chaos of the unfulfilling towns of America, they come for the gold rush in the form of Academy Awards, actual gold, and a higher pay scale. Today we are faking it […]

Artwork of the Week: Snowflake Art Project

The holidays are finally here! It’s been a hell of a year, but so glad we made it. My son was concerned. He said we didn’t have enough Christmas decorations for Santa Claus. I decided to improvise and make due with what we had, which was construction paper, white lined paper, crayons, markers, scissors, and […]

Art of the Week: Sand Rock Rainbow

It’s Friday, time to head to the beach! To get this party started, we kicked off the weekend with a solid colorful rock rainbow made exclusively by mother nature and my ambitious artistic children. Friday is always a great day as we close out the week and reflect on our progress and accomplishments, we also […]

16 Easy Homemade Valentine’s Day Craft’s for DIY Fun | Leverage Ambition

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th and it’s time to start crafting some fun, creative gifts! I don’t know about you but our kids are still home and schooling via Zoom video calls since the pandemic. We’ve tried so many different crafts like homemade snowflakes to painting rocks, anything to keep them busy and having […]

Quick Nature Crafts | Leverage Ambition

Nature is full of big surprises and many parts of nature can be used to our benefit! We all seem to have a ton of time on our hands now that the pandemic continues to get worse, so why not get down and dirty with some Do It Yourself or DIY projects and nature crafts […]

5 Creative Crafts with Egg Cartons For Everyone | Leverage Ambition

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future! We have now been landlocked for over 9 months with COVID numbers running high during the winter season. It is hard to keep busy. We go for walks, take hikes, grab tea and coffee to go, and visit our favorite local restaurants for takeout food (shout […]

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