It was the year of the widespread Y2K panic. Timothy McVeigh was held accountable for worst domestic terrorism act in the United States ever, the Oklahoma City bombing. Jack Kevorkian is charged with murder in Michigan for administering a deadly vaccine to a terminally ill man. Mark Barton kills his family then proceeds to kill 12 others in a vicious murder spree. 1999 was a hell of a year, enrapturing everyone imaginable in mayhem, panic and overbearing fear.

Rocio Wanninkhof was a normal teenage girl. A star soccer player, a big group of responsible friends, a lovely daughter, and an entertaining, diligent sister. Rocio would have been the last person that we’d suspect become a victim of a cold hearted murder. In the midst of the flat-plain mystic Andalusia, Spain, Netflix’s documentary, Murder By The Coast, takes place. This documentary shows us the tragic murder of a beautiful teenage women that had her whole life ahead of her, where selfishness and mental illness leads to murder and mayhem.

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After 26 years of marriage, Rocio’s parents decided to go their separate ways. The youngest of three, Rocio seemed to have no troubles with drugs and alcohol like the typical teenagers do. She was bright, energetic and free. Her mother seemed to discover that she did not want to date men anymore when meeting Dolores Vasquez for the first time. It was love at first sight and Dolores wanted to help Rocio. They were intimate, and had a great good cop, bad cop relationship that helped Rocio’s mom raise her kids. She was a great help to the family, helping them cook, clean, and more. All the basic parts of running a healthy family.

In the background, something more sinister was brewing in the south of Spain. A madman was getting hungrier and hungrier for blood. A recently divorced cash job con artist named Tony was getting sicker and sicker as his wife Cecilia watched with uneasy skepticism. Cecilia King knew something was off. She remembered being in her apartment late at night and Tony locks himself in the bathroom for 20 minutes and leaves in the middle of the night. He started to disappear regularly. Telling her friends and family something was off with him, they brushed it off as if nothing was wrong.

No one believed her.

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And no one could ever believe that Tony King would take not one, but two innocent lives of young teenage women with all the world ahead of them.

Devastatingly, Cecilia finds out the truth years after her separation with Tony; that her once husband was a cold blooded killer while living with her in her apartment with their 2 year old daughter. Tragic.

This Netflix documentary shows the melodrama stress of a mother losing a daughter and the aftermath of the search for justice.

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I highly recommend this documentary as it shows how media AND the law enforcement villainized an innocent victim charged with the highest of crimes and left to a solitary prison cell for months as the truth would be eventually revealed.

This could happen to anyone of us.

Check of Netflix’s new documentary Murder of the Coast today.

If you watched it already, what did you think?

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