Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

So simple, yet so hard at times.

Breathing is the simple and natural force of our body that is both unconsciously and consciously happening when we bring our awareness to it and are present. I found that my breathing was controlled through simple awareness that I wasn’t paying attention to. I often tended to hold my breathe when thinking about the past or the future, or trying to solve a problem.

The ability to change the depth and speed of my breathing helps me relax and calm my mind.

Breathing consciously and focusing on my breathe for a few minutes at a time can help me rest. I realized that my sympathetic nervous system drove my ambition and fight or flight mindset. Parallel to this is my parasympathetic system that allow my body to relax and take in the new found peace and serenity.

Self care is key to my long term health, and breathing with care helps me achieve that one day at a time.

Stress can cause my body to run from actual and perceived threats. To that point, negative emotions continue to feed the stress and gives me unnecessary pain. This stems from my thoughts, as thoughts become things even when they are perceived.

When I breathe more slowly and more deeply, my blood vessels do not dilate as much and my natural blood pressure lowers.

Harvard notes in different studies that the cortical thickness of the brain actually increases and expands with deep breathing. Concentration levels are clearer when deep breathing comes first prior to big events like public speaking and test taking too.

Deep breathing can strengthen the immune system too.

There are many breathing exercises on video that can show you how to do it, that will get you more relaxed and help reset your mind, body and soul.

What ways have you used breathing techniques to help you get clearer in your life?

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