This Netflix series is in documentary format and the story revolves around the murder of Gregory Villemin, a four year old boy found drowned in a river far away from his home in France. This murder became a big media story in the press, and they blamed the internal workings of the Villemin family.

This scary story shows that Gregory was taken from his home as he was playing outside by himself. Gregory was found bound by his hands and his feet drowned in the river nearby.

The Villemin family was a successful family in the area. The husband Jean-Marie was a forman lead at his job and his wife Christine was a homemaker. They were no strangers to harassment both on the phone and letters from a stranger who called himself the Raven. He said that he was going to kill the family and made harassing calls often over a period of three years. The calls finally stopped one day but picked up again a year later. They received a call that their 4 year old boy Gregory was dumped in the Vologne River.

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Gregory’s cousin Bernard Laroche was charged with the killing due to the evidence from his 15 year old sister in law Murielle Bolle. The charges were dropped when she said the evidence she told was false and that she was pressured from the police.

Gregory’s mother was pregnant with twins at the time and lost one of the children due to the stress of the murder.

This was a who done it series and case that is still open. I am surprised that there was no evidence available to define the killer. This is a very sad case and shows that the murderer is still out there.

Have you seen the Netflix series Who Killed Little Gregory? Who is the murderer?

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