If you have ever heard of the SNL skits with Chris Farley when he cycles himself through the wall, that was me.

I took the 3 month, 5 day a week challenge imposed on me my none other than myself.

I cycled until the cows came home. I cycled in the morning. I cycled at night. I cycled in the evening. I cycled for my fright. I cycled for the pain. I cycled til I was drained.

This was the issue.

I get addicted to gym highs and I became a Soul Cycle junkie, just getting ready for that next fix.

I realized soon after, that Soul Cycle was a once a week type of jazz.

Per usual, I had to learn it the hard way.

My body became the strongest it had ever been, and I probably could have dead lifted a car by the end of it.

Similar to the physical challenge in Double Dare, I was going to win at any cost.

As many would have predicted, I burned out.

I took a year plus hiatus and took care of my spirit and diet. As many of you know, I swear by the paleo diet but do have my cheat days here and there (don’t tell on me, man).

The reality is I had to start taking things one day at a time in moderation. I needed to stay in the moment and breathe the fresh air in, and out.

I needed to stop neglecting the multidimensional aspects of my mind, body, and soul.

I needed to get back to me.

Here I am. And I am better than yesterday and right where God intended me to be. And isn’t that amazing?

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