‘Bro culture’  is explained as a fear based survival instinct keep you safe from tribal rejection. Deep seeded in our cells, it causes many men to go along with the pack even when they know their attempts to fit in can disconnect them from their true mental, spiritual, and moral values.

Many men that fit into the ‘bro culture’ system find it to be blindingly delusional.

When we look at the term, we need to bring it back to our physiological and basic needs. We know that our ancestors travelled in herds and packs to defend ourselves from harm. When a person detached from the group or disagreed with the groups social and hierarchical norms, they’d be at risk from being ousted from the community.

This deep sense of fear based rejection and denial can compromise an individual’s moral and social compass. It is a form of delusion and gives us a denial of reality that runs deep within us.

If you look around, the ‘bro culture’ can found most anywhere. From fraternities, to media, to corporate offices, this toxic masculinity can be dangerous for both the individual and the bro cultured group alike.

The desperate need to ‘fit in’ or ‘belong’ goes way back to ancient tribal times. The deep fear of being ostracized from a group when not agreeing to group fundamentals can be exhausting and threatening at it’s core psychological basis.

As mentioned, ‘bro culture’ can also be synonymous with toxic masculinity.  This is similar to the disoriented belief that men must be hyper-masculine to survival.

The toxic masculinity stems from a jaded false sense of self and delusional mindset that the perpetrator will be abandoned and displaced from the pack.  And it seems this survival instinct will continue on way after we are.

To this point, we have researched the personal characteristics of both ‘bro culture’ and toxic masculinity. Many seem to be overly dominant and demeaningly violent as an innate defense mechanism.

Other men seem to be overtly sexual, like in the recent cases with Activision Blizzard, Reddit, and Riot Games. They happen to also be either part or fully invested through the Chinese based video games and tech giant, Tencent.

Historically, masculine and feminine defined stereotyping begins at a young age. These defined traits are social predeterminants to gender stereotyping at the youngest of ages, and are mean to divide us into a false sense of separation (when we are all intrinsically connected).

The denying of these strong emotions at every level can have devastating consequences and even lead to death if not brought to a bigger and greater awakening.

The need to be overtly homophobic also exposes toxic masculinity.

These behaviors are learned through patterns in younger years, especially when the leaders of the household were not spiritually, emotionally or physically available.

This overcompensation and intrinsic need to belong contributes to the ways bro culture can eventually harm and hurt others, and more importantly, themselves.

Have you experienced bro culture in your journey, and if so, how have you approached it?

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