Colder mornings lead to sleeping in for my family. And I was surprised to see my calendar read – FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN (NORTHERN HEMISPHERE).

I knew the leaves were falling for an reason, and there is a reason for EVERY SEASON.

This autumn and fall season is all about settling in nice and cozy for the winter months. I have specifically treated myself with my new favorite blanket from Olivia + Co. It is plush grey and feels like a little baby blanket my mother would wrap me in. So comfy and plush! It keeps me snuggly warm at night and I like to wrap it around my upper body leaving my bottom half free to run and dance in my dreams.

This morning was a little harder to wake up on time, but we made it out before the buzzer. #twinning

We got to school 5 minutes before the bell and now I’m off to the races. I dropped off the Mercedes truck to get serviced and we are due for brand new back tires. We have been driving all over the place from Vegas to Oceanside and back again. I must say I am proud of the local day trips we did as we did them safely and responsibly without catching COVID (knock on wood, Mother Mary and thank you Jesus + crew angel teams, guides, and guardians).

Safe social distancing and clear boundaries are the reason for the season and we are ready to rock and roll 6 feet apart with plenty of hand sanitizer and extra masks just in case!

The reality is we can all still have fun with the COVID. We can sing and dance, play with friends and family, and for gods sake celebrate the beautiful temporary home we call life.

We made it through the fire and now it’s time to work. Here are 3 fall and autumnal goals I have set for myself this pre ’tis the season to be jolly Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

1. I am taking care of my mental health by reaching out to community members with similar struggles.

2. I am taking care of my physical health by walking and moving daily.

3. I am journaling my feelings, respecting my boundaries, writing gratitude lists, and praying for the greater good of humanity to stay healthy and happy through changing times.

Here are some really cool fall events happening in the Los Angeles area in upcoming weeks.

The Bungalow StartUp Tech Mixer in Santa Monica

CBCC Business Post COVID Virtual Event

2021 LA Tequila Fest

LA Food + History Design Tour

Music Festival Calendar Here

What other events and happenings are you getting into this fall?

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