Unless you were born with a silver spoon, you know you’ll need to work. The unfortunate part of the matter is that no one REALLY wants to work. And this goes for many of us especially post pandemic. The pandemic has completely flipped the switch on the way we live and do business. Our priorities have simply changed, and we find ourselves reevaluating our work and our lives.

The reality is the answer lies between us and our higher power. Really asking for help at this time and brainstorming new ways to work will help us all succeed and figure out what we REALLY want to do. And it works. Sometimes knowing what we don’t want to do, is also very beneficial.

But before you pull a ‘Who’s coming with me?’ like Tom Cruise in his job leaving Jerry Maguire moment, let’s be realistic. Sometimes I want to leave work like a bat out of a cave (hello Halloween), but then I come back to reality and snap out of my impulsiveness while shooting right back into the real world.

So instead of quitting it all at the drop of a hat, I’ve come up with some new realistic ways to brainstorm a more logical game plan for the people.


Have you always wondered what it would be like to sell honey? Or your artwork? Or maybe necklaces? This is okay when you have a good plan to make money on the side. If you are not independently rich, you need to make that money honey. The great news is that there are specific solutions to more gracefully enter work life again that will leave you feeling happy, joyous, and free.

When you transition into a new job routine that is right for you and your family, you will know within the first few months if the shoe fits. Remember, no job is forever. You can give yourself a test period, like one to two months, to see if you like the culture and vibes of those around you. Here are some ideas to pick from if you are not super pumped to get into the merry-go-round we call work again.


It is healthy to work. God likes a good worker, and it is inportant to give back to your community when you can. If find that when I give to others, I get it back in a different ways (even if it may not be immediately).  At the same token, we need to work to afford our lifestyle. Unless I am willing to downgrade, I need to think of an action plan to really get me excited about entering the workforce again.


Working for yourself can be exhilarating and rewarding, if you have the timeline to take a risk. There is a lot of hard work, great timing,  and luck involved that could put you ahead of the pack and into a whole new world (cue Disney Aladdin’s music, A Whole New Woooooooorld).  If you have a good idea and some extra cash to invest, this is a great way to go. Being you own boss can be very fulfilling and extremely hard, but if you are willing to fail, the risk may be worth the reward. It is good to have a timeline in mind so you dont drain your budget and your ego.


Every decade I find myself reevaluating the work I have done. Was it good? Did I like it? Do I want more?

Sometimes I catch myself wanting to try out a new career. I attribute this mainly to the fact that because I want to find out what I am missing. Sometimes I can get bored with people and monotonous tasks, so much so that I seem to like changing things often. There is such things as staying too long at a party if you get my gist. that better serves my brain, mainly for learning new things. I am a voracious learner and enjoy figuring things out from the ground up. This leads to finding dead ends and gold mines. Whether or not


Want to try something new but you don’t want to fully commit? Sometimes trying out a new job or keeping your old one part time instead of full time will help you understand if you want to and are ready to transition. Remember that any or either part time or full time will not and does not have to be forever. Transitioning in a slower way by starting part time first can help you build up your confidence and get you into a more stable flow that is beat for you and your company alike. Speaking to the HR manager about an on boarding plan will be critical to your success.


The ability to be flexible at your work locations is something many arenrquiring.before they get into a new job. Whether you choose to work from home or work in the office, having the freedom to chose for yourself without being frowned upon orndiscriminated against is key to your growth.

How has work changed for you and what is your ideal work situation today?

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