Every quarter comes a clean slate for salespeople. Your former quarter ends and you either end over or under quota. Many end up not hitting their quota, either due to unreasonable or unrealistic goals set by management OR ineffective leadership that does not help the soldier readjust.

I have been on both sides of the spectrum, so I wanted to make it simple today and run through 6 ways to kick your pride and ego to the curb the stress to bring you out of the fire and into success.

Let’s get started.

  • We work on building a strong portfolio of potential clients that will productively have the capital and benefit to invest in our product.
  • We prequalify leads in a simple conversation or email, then pull together an execution plan of products based on their timelines. Booking a next call to run through the products that they’d qualify for works.
  • Follow up often. People underestimate the simple process of reaching out politely with additional questions on the buying process, aka customer timeline, approval processes, budget allocations, etc.
  • Focus on value vs cost. Think what are the great benefits of this client coming on board and the anticipated perks post sale and dictate them.
  • We focus on gaining trust from prospective and future clients. Ask yourself, what can I do to build better trust and get them to believe in me?
  • We never stop searching for new opportunities no matter what. Rejection is just a starting point to understanding what we can do better and improve. The why to buys are just as important on the why not to buy, so figuring out both sides makes a lot of sense.

What other execution strategies do we need to employ to readjust?

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