I love me some cute, little squirrels! 🐿

Squirrels are said to be one of the most adaptable animals on our planet. Swift jumpers and fast scurrying creatures, they have a good reputation for stealing birdseed, chewing electrical wires, and gnawing on wooden shutters. They are spunky and resourceful, making them a most entertaining animals.

Talkative running rodents, these bursts of lighting can chatterbox their way through the day like true champs.

Squirrels Geography

Squirrels live everywhere on the planet minus Antarctica. The cold temperatures repel these jumping, climbing, and flying squirrels, mainly because their main food source is frozen and hidden in icy temperatures.

There are 8 types of squirrels known in the world. They are red pine squirrels, Douglass pine squirrels northern flying squirrels, southern flying squirrels, fox squirrels, eastern grey squirrels, western grey squirrels, and tassel eared squirrels. All squirrels live to be around 6 years in the wild. Their bushy tails and big eyes make them appear playful and wild. Their teeth actually never stop growing, therefore they continuously have to gnaw on trees and branches to keep them filled down nicely so that they may capture extr nuts in their very expandable and flexible cheeks.

Squirrels Habitats

As squirrels look for safe haven, they build their nests in them for safety against predators such as eagles, crows, and cats. They spend their time gnawing through trees, hollowing them out for a safe place to live when the weather elements can get to them (for example, destructive hail, heavy rain, powerful hurricanes, twisty tornados, and deadly storms.

Squirrel Sacks + Diet

Squirrel sacks, also known as food caching, is a art form for them to preserve and save sacks of nuts for the winter. Squirrels will bury chestnuts in many different places, so many so that they sometimes have trouble relocating squirrel sacks. Squirrels also love many different types of nuts like peanuts, acorns, and walnuts. When squirrels can’t get a nut, they settle for mushrooms, berries, sunflower seeds and your backyard bird seed.

Squirrels forgetfulness works out well for the trees because they assist in pollinating them.

Do you have squirrels in your backyard?

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