Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2. We are about to go live and correct with these 15 simple reminders to keep you grounded today.

1. Those signs you see everyday are not a coincidence. Your guides and angels are communicating with you.

2. If someone truly loves you, they will be consistent, show affection, apologize, be loyal, defend, and sacrifice for you.

3. The longer you postpone what’s not right for you, the longer you postpone what is. Read it again.

4. When you learn where to put your attention, you learn how to master your life.

5. The real flex is turning those wounds into wisdom. You can’t drink the poison of resentment and expect another person to die.

6. You are doubting yourself meanwhile others wonder how you do it all. Give yourself credit.

7. Staying in the day and not worrying about the past or future is a next level Jedi move. Keep on keeping on.

8. Honoring your boundaries is an ongoing life lesson. Saying no is okay. No is not a bad word.

9. Fear leads to anger, which leads to action. You can choose to catch and release it.

10. When you are on God’s path, you are on the right one.

11. When you do what you want to do daily, you won.

12. Three questions to ask yourself before speaking: 1) does it need to be said, 2) does it need to be said by me, 3) does it need to nen said by me now.

13. Understanding your worth makes you worthy. Not just for you, but for those around you too.

14. Forcing relationships that are not aligned with your highest good keeps you stuck and stagnant.

15. Praying when you wake up and when you go to bed helps you be grateful for what you have, and that keeps God happy.

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