Healing trauma is a necessary part of growing up. We all have past, which brings up very powerful emotions that should be respected and honored.

When you honor your feelings, you honor yourself. Instead of repeating a loop of negativity, you can readjust and catapult yourself into glory instead of looping in and out of worry and paranoia.

It just so happens that trauma is scientifically carried through your bodies cells. And your cells happen to have memories transferable through your skin and blood. Memories remain that are taught from generations before and you need to be reprogrammed.

Your experiences can be extremely powerful but simultaneously need to be acknowledged so that you can heal.

Here are 8 ways to help you heal ancestral trauma that will liberate you and help you get some rest.

1. Do you have strong emotions of fear when nothing is actually wrong? Do you know that nothing realistically is going to happen to you? Remember that thoughts are not things and feelings are not facts, which will help you bring your feet back to the floor and get you back into reality.

2. Do you overreact to triggering events that are not actually real? This is thinking ahead or envisioning trauma that is not a psychic power, it’s only a reaction of bottling up emotions that need to be released instead of them staying locked inside of you.

3. Do you have dreams that are so vivid that you think are premonitions of reality? These dreams aren’t really real or true and have no immediate threat to you personally or whatsoever. Your body heals itself when you sleep, and even dreams help you purge garbage like poor self talk and thoughts.

4. Remember your power of suggestion is strong, and your word is your wand. This can be used for good and evil. Mainly people use suggestions to make you buy into a concept or truth that may not be honorable. Ask yourself if that person, place, or thing is looking out for your highest good and purpose. If not, bye Felicia!

5. Help yourself by letting negative feelings to flow through you like a lazy river.

6. Write a letter to God and ask him to guide your pen. Then write a letter from God to you. You will realize that you had the answers all along.

7. Feel your feelings. Not feeling your feelings is like owning a garbage can that is overfilled with garbage that you keep adding to it. It desparately needs to be emptied, just like your mind.

8. Release the negativity. Process it by letting it flow through you. When you don’t feel the emotions, you limit your potential to heal.

What do you do to honor your healing and peace of mind?

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